How to choose your butt implants

How to choose your butt implants

18th Feb 2018

Buttock implants are prosthetic objects that are used to add projection and shape to the derriere. If your buttocks are smaller or poorly shaped and the condition is affecting your self-esteem, you may consider getting buttock implants. The implants are made of semi-solid silicone material and highly durable. Aesthetic flaws in the butts can create self-esteem issues for women.

Also, the modern yardstick measures the physical beauty of women by the prominence of specific body parts, including the butts. Fuller and shapelier butts are well admired and popular. The butt implants surgery involves incisions on the butts and insertion and placement of the implants into the butts via those incisions. After placing the implants into the butts, your backside becomes fuller and shapelier.

What are butt implants

Butt implants are artificial devices made of a semi-solid silicone material or cohesive silicone gel. The implants are used for buttock augmentation. If your butts are smaller, you may consider undergoing the buttock augmentation via butt implants. Many people mistakenly presume that butt implants and breast implants are the same thing. But the reality is that they are different artificial objects.

Unlike the breast implants, buttock implants are made of highly durable and rubber-like semi-solid material that is entirely immune to ruptures and leaks. The butt implants can withstand immense pressure. The implants are inserted into the butts via incisions and then placed in the pre-selected pockets under, within, or below the gluteal muscles.

The results delivered by the buttock implants look natural when the implant size and shape is wisely chosen. However, if you end up selecting a large implant that does not go well with your body, the results may not be as good as they ought to be. The butt implants can make your backside look sexier and make you appear fertile and more feminine.

You should consider the butt implants surgery if non-invasive options like diet and exercise failed to deliver you the desired aesthetic improvements. The implants are specifically recommended for patients who lack enough body fat to qualify for the fat transfer or BBL procedure.

Selecting your butt implants

One of the critical things about butt implants is that they come in different sizes, styles, materials, and shapes. The butt implants must be selected judiciously. If you end up choosing the wrong size, style, shape, or material, the desired results will not be achieved entirely, and you may even experience some complications.

The butt implants are chosen during the pre-operative consultation. The plastic surgeon will examine your butts and body, assess your overall health, and know your aesthetic goals and expectations before recommending you a particular implant. It is essential that you discuss your goals with the surgeon frankly and without any hesitations. The plastic surgeon will also take precise measurements of your butt dimensions, height, and body weight before telling you which implant is suitable for you.

– Choosing the implant type: Semi-solid vs. Cohesive gel implants

Before the advent of the dedicated buttock implants, the butts were augmented by using breast implants. But it soon turned out that the breast implants were too weak for the butts. Patients who got those implants experienced implant ruptures and leaks due to the pressure applied to the butts while sitting and sleeping or doing physical activities and movements.

Hence, the buttock implants were developed particularly for the gluteal areas. The buttock implants that are used today are made of silicone. The good news is that the material and construction of the butt implants have improved with the passage of time. Today, the implants are firmer, highly durable, look and feel natural, and are immune to ruptures and leaks.

The material used in the butt implants is cohesive silicone gel and semi-solid, rubber-like silicone material. The cohesive silicone gel butt implants are less used since they are feared to rupture or leak. They are rarely used.

Most people and plastic surgeons prefer the semi-solid silicone material implants because they have robust construction and are highly durable. They do not rupture or leak. This means that if you are planning to undergo the butt implants surgery, your plastic surgeon would most likely recommend you the semi-solid butt implant. Also, you should prefer the semi-solid butt implant.

– Choosing the implant shape: Round vs. Oval (anatomic) implants

Besides the material used in the implants, the implants are also available in two different shapes: round and oval. The oval shaped implants are also called anatomic implants. Both shapes are available in textured and smooth versions. Whether you get a textured or smooth implant, it will not affect the results in any way. However, the textured implants are known to stay in the place where they are implanted. This means they may not move as naturally as they should. On the other hand, the smooth implant will move freely and naturally when you make movements.

When it comes to whether you should choose the oval or round implant, it depends on your current buttock shape. The round implants are recommended for you if you have a square buttock. On the other hand, the oval implants are recommended for patients who have drawn-out buttocks.

– Choosing the implant size

Choosing the implant size is the most important part of the butt implant selection. As stated earlier, the buttock implants come in different sizes and which size you select will considerably affect the final results. To choose a suitable implant size, the plastic surgeon will measure your existing butt dimensions during the pre-operative consultation.

The plastic surgeon will use anatomical measurements to determine what size of butt implant can suit your physique and existing dimensions. The goal is not only to make your buttocks larger but also to ensure your butt looks real and helps improve your overall body aesthetics.

Many patients insist on getting huge implants and end up getting fake looking buttocks. Remember, the implant size must be suitable for your body, height weight, and other aesthetic features. For example, if you are petite or thin, getting a large butt implant will make your butts look unnatural, abnormal, and even weird. Ideally, the size of the implant must accentuate your overall butt and body aesthetics and dimensions.

Buttock implants are available in size range of 200cc to 800cc. Of course, there are some differences in sizes by the shape of the implants. When it comes to the round implants, the large size available in this category is 690cc. Also, large implants are often manufactured by pre-order. However, they are far more expensive than the standard butt implants available in the market and entail more risks and complications.

It is essential to keep in mind that the buttock tissues and the gluteal muscle are not elastic enough like the tissues and muscles in the breast. As a result, there is a limit to how large a buttock implant can be when it has to be placed under the gluteal muscle. For instance, if you are getting a 500cc buttock implant, it cannot be put within or under the butt muscle without risks like incision dehiscence.

Butt implant styles

The butt implants are also classified by styles. In light of the styles, there are four types of butt implants named as style 1, style 2, style 3, and style 4. The commonly used buttock implant is the style 3 implant, which is non-directional and round.

The style 3 implant is suitable for placement in both the accepted planes of insertion and delivers consistent and sufficient projection. It also provides better upper pole fullness. Moreover, the risk of butt implant rotation is almost nil in case of the style 3 implants.

On the other hand, the style 1 and style 2 are directional implants. They need a particular alignment and placement when placing it into the buttocks. They are not shaped in the same manner on all sides. These implants must be placed sub-fascially if you want to get your desired outcomes. The artistic skills and sense of aesthetics of your plastic surgeon will also affect the outcomes, especially when style 1 and style 2 implants are used.

When it comes to the style 4 implant, it is a personalized butt implant that comes with mirrored sides. The plastic surgeon can make changes to the implant before inserting it into the buttocks.

The buttock implants have different volumes and dimensions regarding the styles. Which style is best for you depends on your aesthetic goals, the specific cosmetic problems in your butts, and your plastic surgeon’s preferences. In most cases, the style 3 buttock implant is used, as it delivers better and natural results and the complications are lower.


The buttock implants are available in different styles, shapes, and sizes. It is critical for you and your surgeon to choose an implant that is suitable for your existing dimensions and body anatomy in all respects. Be sure to work in collaboration with the plastic surgeon to select an appropriate implant. Your aesthetic goals and the cosmetic flaws in your butts will affect your choice of butt implants.

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