How to ensure you have a satisfactory result after breast surgery

How to ensure you have a satisfactory result after breast surgery

07th Dec 2016


While the feminine beauty ideal has changed over the years, women with large breasts have always been considered more sexy and voluptuous then women with a flat chest. It is a proven fact that curvaceous women appeal more to men, even if we all admire the very thin supermodels that don’t seem to have any fat on them at all. The latest studies show that the dimensions of the breasts are highly related to genetics. If your mother and grandmothers are flat chested, there is little chance that you will end up at any time looking like Pamela Anderson, unless you get help from a plastic surgeon.

Breast plastic surgery is a very sought after procedure. It offers a quick, safe, and reliable solution for all women who want to increase the size of their breasts, or correct breast sagging or asymmetries.


Breast Augmentation Procedure

The breast augmentation procedure, also called the augmentation mammoplasty, is a procedure with a high rise in demand. It appeals to women who want to change their small or medium sized breasts and who want to improve the volume and the aspect of their chest.

The number of women who undergo breast surgery is growing. In the United States alone, there were over 250,000 of these interventions in 2003, as compared to only 32,000 in 1992.

During the last few years, breast enhancement procedures have become more and more affordable for every woman, both in terms of costs and also recovery after surgery.

This type of operation involves certain risks and special consdierations that need to be analyzed and discussed at length with the plastic surgeon. Each case has its own particularities, and there are no two patients who are alike. Preparing for surgery requires going through certain steps, which start with the pre-operative consultation.


The Reasons Why Women Want Breast Augmentation Surgery

There is a wide array of reasons and motives for the breast augmentation. Here are just a few of the situations which require breast surgery techniques:

– Mammary hypoplasia that can be on one breasts or both of them. This is the incomplete development of one of both of the breasts that can lead to the appearance of a lack of aesthetics at the breast level.

– A reduction in the volume of the breasts, and the modification of the consistency and shape of the breasts after multiple pregnancies and breastfeeding, or as a result of massive weight loss.

– After radical surgical intervention performed for the treatment of breast cancer. An example would be breast amputation.

Depending on their purpose, the breast augmentation procedures are categorized into multiple divisions:

– Aesthetic augmentation

– Mammary reconstruction

– Corrective and control surgeries performed with the purpose to improve the aspect of the initial implant, no matter if the initial implant was placed there for aesthetic purposes or reconstructive ones.


A Satisfactory Result After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Nowadays, breast enhancement procedures provide a safe and satisfying result that is more or less permanent. To make sure you have a satisfactory result, you will need to take into consideration a series of factors, starting with choosing the right plastic surgeon.

The price shouldn’t be the main element in identifying the plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation procedure. The primary consideration should be the doctor’s experience and credentials in performing these types of surgeries.

Once you have found a doctor you can trust, the next step would be the doctor’s recommendations and suggestions for preparing for the surgery, the methods used for breast augmentation, and post-operative care.

Preconceived ideas about the type, placement, and size of the implant won’t help you achieve the results you are looking for. These can be determined only after strict measurements and considering the anatomy of your body and the existing breast tissue. While being informed is important for the success of the surgery, the satisfactory result can only come as a combination of taking your doctor’s advice and having realistic expectations.

Your doctor will recommend you to stop smoking for at least a few weeks before and after breast augmentation surgery. If you want the best results, you need to follow these instructions. This will allow the wounds to heal beautifully and will avoid delayed wound healing and scar formation.

Avoiding sun exposure for at least a month and up to six months after the surgery will ensure you are not left with ugly looking, visible, and difficult to hide scars.

The specialists recommend a few things after the breast augmentation procedure:

– For a few days after the breast enhancement procedure, use an ice bag to reduce inflammation and discomfort, but don’t apply it directly on your skin but on a towel or a cotton cloth.

– Local massages with anti-inflammatory creams will help with the healing process and the swelling.

– For at least a week after the surgery, avoid ample arms movement, especially if your breast implants have been placed under the pectoral muscle.

– Avoid extensive physical exercises for at least four weeks after the surgery.

– Wear the compression girdle for as long as the doctor recommends it.

– The drain tubes should be removed only by the plastic surgeon and when the fluid accumulation is out of the question.



Breast implants don’t last forever. The result of the breast augmentation surgery can be changed if you get pregnant again or go through massive weight loss and gains. With the help of modern plastic surgery, getting the breasts you have always wanted has never been easier. Still, you need to remember that your choices and how you take care of the implants can impact the success of the surgery.

The plastic surgeon is not the only one responsible for the satisfactory result of the breast surgery. You, as a patient, can influence it just as much, if not more.


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