How to evaluate the results achieved via buttock augmentation

How to evaluate the results achieved via buttock augmentation

10th Mar 2018

More and more women resort to butt augmentation to get a firm and larger booty. The reality is that remodeling or increasing the size of the buttocks using physical exercise is not a possibility for everyone, and plastic surgery remains a viable option to get dream buttocks in a short period of time.

The goal of the butt augmentation procedure is to increase the volume of the buttocks and its projection. It entails getting a natural profile of the buttocks with a smooth curve to the waist and thighs. The butt augmentation procedure can be performed either by using gluteal implants or fat transfer.

Butt implant surgery is a procedure for both men and women and can last one to two hours. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, and the patient is released from the medical facility within hours from waking up from the anesthesia. The procedure is preferred by patients who want a significant increase in the projection of the buttocks and also by patients who don’t have an excess of adipose tissue.

Fat transfer is another method used for butt augmentation. This procedure involves the use of cannulas to extract the fat from donor areas (areas with an excess of fat). This fat is processed and purified to be then re-injected into the buttocks to achieve augmentation.

When it comes to evaluating the results achieved with butt augmentation procedures, it is important to know that in both cases the buttocks need to be symmetrical and have a shape and size that is in harmony with the rest of the anatomical features of the patient.

The results of butt augmentation with fat transfer can be assessed after three to six months. To evaluate if the procedure is successful, the patient should look for a nice curvature of the buttocks and an increase in size. After a fat transfer to the buttocks, the patient will lose some of the fat injected as it will be reabsorbed by the body. The results are improved if the patient follows post-operative instructions and wears compression garments.

The results of butt implant surgery might take as long as a year to properly evaluate as this is how long it takes for the scars to fully mature and heal. The results of butt implant surgery should be evaluated in terms of the expectations the patient had before the procedure and what was achieved with it. If butt augmentation with implants was not performed in combination with other procedures, the results to be achieved are strictly limited to the buttocks and not the waist or the hips. This means the patient should have bigger buttocks with a more impressive projection. Keep in mind that butt implants can only be inserted in the upper part of the buttocks so if you desire an improvement in shape as well, the two methods must be combined.

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