How to finance your breast reduction surgery

How to finance your breast reduction surgery

28th Oct 2019



Many females suffer from a condition whereby the breasts become extremely large, causing physical and emotional discomforts for the patient. The breasts become enormous due to factors like genetics, massive weight gain, and the use of certain medicines. Breast reduction surgery effectively decreases the physical pain linked with large breasts, in addition to improving your mobility, lifestyle, and self-esteem. It does so by excising the surplus glandular tissue, fat, and skin. 

Many patients wonder as to how they can finance their breast reduction surgery. Keep in mind that breast reduction surgery is a major operation, which is why it is costly. Depending on your plastic surgery and the place where you plan to get the procedure, the cost can vary between $5,000 and $10,000. During the pre-operative consultation, you should ask the surgeon as to what types of financing options are available to cover the cost of the operation.


Factors that determine the cost of the surgery

Many factors determine the cost of breast reduction, including the surgeon’s fees, facility charges, the cost of anesthesia, medicines, lab tests, and garments to be used after the operation like surgical compression bras. While the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, how long you will stay in the surgical facility will also determine the cost of the operation. 

The cost of breast reduction surgery also differs from one place to another and one surgeon to another. For example, the operation is costlier in urban areas. Moreover, if your plastic surgeon is highly reputable and experienced, you can expect the cost to go up. It is vital for the patient to discuss the cost with the plastic surgeon in advance of the operation.

If you don’t have enough money to cover the cost of the surgery, you can ask the surgeon if there are other options. The good news is that in many cases, health insurance does cover the operation partially or entirely. Moreover, many surgeons and plastic surgery facilities offer flexible financing options to patients for procedures like breast reduction. 


Low-cost breast reduction offers

Many women want to get breast reduction surgery at low cost. There are many surgeons and surgical facilities that do offer low-cost breast reduction. Unfortunately, most such offers hide the extra costs of the procedure until the eleventh hour. You will be shocked when you see your bill after the surgery. Furthermore, a considerably lower cost of the operation also indicates that the surgeon is inexperienced. 

Keep in mind to choose only a board-certified plastic surgeon. Even though board-certified and experienced plastic surgeons are more expensive, you can rest assured you can achieve your goals in a safe way. Keep in mind that it is not wise to make yourself prone to health risks just to save a few thousand dollars. 


Breast reduction insurance options

Most women get breast reduction surgery for medical reasons. Excessively large breasts trigger pain in different areas of the body, such as the neck, back, and shoulder. Huge breasts also limit the mobility and physical activities of women. Many health insurance providers cover the cost of breast reduction if the patient is getting the surgery for medical and not cosmetic reasons. 

If you can get an endorsement from your doctor that your overly large breasts are causing physical pain for you, chances are your health insurance may cover the cost of breast reduction partially or fully. Besides discussing it with your plastic surgeon, you should contact your health insurance provider to inquire as to whether the insurance will cover it. 

Even though most insurance providers cover breast reduction surgery, the final decision is made on a case-to-case basis. Keep in mind that health insurance policies are customized to each person’s needs and health. For example, your health insurance plan can be different from that of your mother or friend. Even if your health insurance covers breast reduction surgery, you will be required to meet specific requirements. 


The standard criteria for insurance coverage of breast reduction include the following:

–    No more than 500 grams of tissue to be removed from each breast

–   The surgeon must provide evidence that large breasts are causing health issues for you

– Proof that you have tried other options to resolve the medical condition without success

–    Your body weight is ideal and stable

–  The surgeon can produce pictures to assert that you require a breast reduction 

Furthermore, you must ask your plastic surgeon as to whether he is in the network of your insurance policy. If your insurance policy covers the surgery, you must ask the provider whether it covers the operation wholly or partially. Again, keep in mind that insurance can cover the operation only if you are experiencing medical issues due to large breasts. 


Other financing options

In case, your health insurance does not cover breast reduction surgery, or if you want to get the surgery for cosmetic reasons, then you must be ready to bear the entire cost of the operation personally. Even though breast reduction surgery is expensive, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get the procedure if you don’t have enough money. Fortunately, there are different means that you can use to finance your breast reduction surgery.


Financing arrangements by the plastic surgeon

Many plastic surgeons and plastic surgery facilities have flexible financing options in place. Plastic surgeons have a partnership with third-party financiers and financing bodies that provide credit to plastic surgery patients. If you can’t afford breast reduction surgery, you can ask the surgeon if there is any financing option available to cover the cost of the procedure. In the case of an availability, the surgeon can then provide you the information. Most of these options are flexible and have easy terms and conditions. 


Credit cards

Another method that you can use to finance your breast reduction surgery is with your credit cards. Keep in mind that most credit cards renounce or reduce the initial yearly interest on cards, in addition to offering reward points to the user. The rewards accrued can then be used to get cash back or cover a vacation. To finance your breast reduction with your credit card, you must have a strong credit history. If you don’t know your credit history, you can get the information at a credit agency. 

Keep in mind that you should only use credit cards to finance your breast reduction procedure when the card bears zero APR and you know that you can pay the bill within the period that covers the introduction APR time. When you pay the bill within this time, you will not be paying any interest. 


Medical credit cards

The use of credit cards has seen a surge over the last couple of decades. Today, financial institutions have started making creative credit card offerings. They offer credit cards for different, specific purposes. One of the best examples of this approach is a medical credit card. Many financial institutions now provide medical credit cards that you can use to finance your medical treatments, including breast reduction and other plastic surgery procedures. Most of these cards offer zero percent introductory APR, and you have about six to twelve months to pay the bill. 


Personal loans

You can get a personal loan and then use it to finance your breast reduction surgery. While your bank or credit union can give you a personal loan, you can also consider getting a loan from online credit providers since they come with reasonable interest and flexible terms. Most personal loans are unsecured and come with a fixed interest rate that is determined by taking your credit score into account. Luckily, most personal loans are adaptable, and you have the choice to prolong or decrease the payment period and the amount that has to be paid at the due dates. 


Get a loan from friends or family

If you can’t find a better option to finance your breast reduction surgery, you can ask a trusted and financially sound friend to lend you money. Also, if your relatives have enough money, you can ask them for help. With this option, you may not be paying any interest, and you would not be under pressure to pay the amount at an earlier time.



Breast reduction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the US. The procedure is used to decrease the size and weight of huge breasts and alleviate the physical pain linked with the condition. It also enhances the breasts cosmetically by creating a balance between your breast size and body outline and making the breasts shapelier. Breast reduction is an expensive procedure, and many women wonder as to how they can finance the procedure. In this article, I have explained all the options that can be used to fund breast reduction surgery.


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