How to find the best breast augmentation surgeon

How to find the best breast augmentation surgeon

05th Mar 2021

Without question, breast augmentation surgery is among the two most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the world. Moreover, patients resorting to this procedure mention a considerable increase in their level of self-esteem after getting bigger breasts and an improved body image. Feeling good in your own skin is important and can lead to more success in different venues of life. This is the reason why many women nowadays choose to undergo plastic surgery to enhance or correct imperfections on their breasts.

Breast augmentation surgery is a safe procedure that has been performed for over half a century now. Plastic surgeons use now the fifth generation of implants which are safer than ever, with many of the problems associated with getting implants being eliminated from one generation of implants to the other. However, despite massive improvements in the quality of the materials used and the knowledge of plastic surgeons about the procedure, not all patients achieve satisfactory results.

We hear from time to time about women who had the procedure done and experienced severe complications or are completely disappointed with the results. Others are undergoing procedure after procedure within just a few years and achieve more botched results. You might ask how is this possible when we already have more than sixty years experience performing this procedure? Well, there are many factors that can cause unsatisfactory or botched results, but in general, we are talking either about not finding the best surgeon or not following the doctor’s advice to the letter.

So, how to find the best breast augmentation surgeon? You might think it is rather easy as many plastic surgery clinics and surgeons alike offer this procedure among their services. However, the fact that the procedure is readily available in many places should mean much for an informed patient.

To find the best breast augmentation surgeon, first, you need to find a list of board-certified plastic surgeons in your area or close to where you live. If no plastic surgeon is available in the surrounding areas, you can look all over the United States and choose according to the other criteria that we will discuss next.

After you have found a few surgeons that might be right for you, the next step is to check their references and work experience. An experienced plastic surgeon will have proof of his work accessible. For example, we are talking about YouTube videos, Instagram, pictures, and videos on the site. You can check the results his other patients have achieved. Make sure to assess the before and after pictures carefully as you will get similar results when choosing that plastic surgeon.

Next would be to schedule a meeting with the surgeon. The best surgeon will talk to you in clear terms and give you an exact idea of what to expect during and after surgery. Also, the best surgeon will tell you about follow-up consultations and that you will receive constant monitoring for a year after the procedure.

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