How to find the right plastic surgery procedure for you

How to find the right plastic surgery procedure for you


There is so much information available everywhere about plastic surgery that it can be difficult for the patient to understand what exactly he is supposed to do and what are his responsibilities when undergoing a cosmetic procedure.

When first coming to my office for the pre-operative consultation, many patients say they don’t know if they have found the right plastic surgery procedure to help them. It is always a bit surprising that patients believe that it is their responsibility and task to decide what procedure would better help them achieve their aesthetic goals. Just think of it like this: you are suffering from a heart condition. Is it you who should know what procedure is most suitable to improve your health condition, or is this something that the doctor will decide? Easy to answer this question, right? The same is valid when it comes to plastic surgery. 

So, how do you find the right plastic surgery procedure for you? The first step would be to find a talented and experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon and tell him exactly what is bothering you and what results you would like to achieve with plastic surgery. Explain in your own words, or you can bring pictures to the pre-operative consultation for the plastic surgeon to understand exactly what you are looking for. 

During the initial meeting with the surgeon, he will perform a medical examination on your body and also extensive measurements. Depending on these factors he will be able to recommend the right plastic surgery procedure for you.

It is important to understand that it is the plastic surgeon who will give you the indication for one procedure or the other and only after performing an examination and measurements. Many times patients strongly believe that they need a certain procedure and it turns out they are not eligible candidates, or it is actually not suitable to help them achieve their goals. 

For example, there are patients who come to get a fat transfer to get bigger breasts. When they find out that the augmentation achieved with fat grafting is no more than half a cup to a cup, they realize this is not the procedure they need, and it implants that will help them get the breasts of their dreams. At the same time, we have patients coming in to get a Brazilian butt lift and they have a petite and thin frame with no excess of adipose tissue. For these patients, the plastic surgeon will probably either recommend gaining weight before the procedure or just get butt implants surgery.

If you want to find the right plastic surgery procedure, all you have to do is discuss this with the plastic surgeon, and he will guide you in your journey to improve your body with the help of plastic surgery. 


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