How to get a rounder, plumper butt

How to get a rounder, plumper butt

30th Sep 2017

How to get a rounder, plumper butt

For women who want to improve their silhouette, having a rounder and plumper butt is one of their main goals. It is indeed very sexy, which is why many women want to have that kind of butt. The only way for women to get a nice, round butt is through surgical procedures. Although some say that exercise can help achieve a rounder and plumper butt, the results are glaringly different. Exercise can improve the appearance of the butt by giving it a more toned appearance, whereas a rounder and plumper butt can only be achieved through surgery.

One of the surgical procedures that can achieve a rounder and plumper butt is the Brazilian butt lift. This surgical procedure transfers fat to the buttocks. The fat that is injected into the buttocks of the patient comes from different areas of the patient’s body. Usually, the fat will be taken from the abdomen, so that the waist could also be made smaller as the buttocks get rounder. This will result in an hourglass shape that many women dream of having.

The Brazilian butt lift is a safe procedure because it makes use of the patient’s own fat to augment the buttocks. The incisions made are quite small resulting to minimal scarring. Overall, it is an effective way to improve the appearance of the buttocks.

Another way to get a rounder and plumper butt is through the use of implants. The implant surgery is more invasive than the Brazilian butt lift. Semi-solid silicone gel implants are used to reshape the buttocks and make it rounder. The incision made will be larger that is why the recovery will also take longer.

The implant surgery is best used for those who really want to have a significant improvement in their butt. It is also chosen when there is not enough fat in the body to transfer to the buttocks. Sometimes, the Brazilian butt lift can also be combined with the implant surgery to help make the implants less noticeable.

To help you decide which surgical procedure would be best for you to achieve a rounder and plumper butt, you should consult a surgeon. The consultation will help you know more and understand the different surgical procedures. The surgeons can tell you about the risks involved as well as what to expect before, during and after the surgery. They can also ensure that you heal properly and prevent or treat any complication that can result from the surgery.

An open communication with the surgeon is very important. Patients can tell the surgeon exactly what they want. With proper communication and disclosures, patients can be satisfied with the results they get from their surgery.

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