How to get a satisfying plastic surgery experience

How to get a satisfying plastic surgery experience

06th Mar 2019

How to get a satisfying plastic surgery experience



If you have a look at mass media, it might seem that getting satisfying results after plastic surgery is like a game of Russian roulette. Sometimes people win, other times they lose and there is nothing to be done to influence this. The reality is however different, and there are reasons why people don’t get a satisfying plastic surgery experience. Moreover, knowing these causes, anyone can try to do better and achieve better results with plastic surgery.


So how does one get a satisfying plastic surgery experience? To put it in just a few words, you should choose a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon and follow his recommendations for pre- and post-operative care. Sounds rather easy, doesn’t it? In this article, we will discuss exactly this: how to get the most out of your plastic surgery and be satisfied with the experience.


  1.    Choosing the plastic surgeon

The first and most important thing that you can do for yourself to ensure you have a satisfying plastic surgery experience is to choose an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon. There is nothing more important than finding the plastic surgeon that is right for you. This means that you need to find a plastic surgeon whom you can trust with the aesthetic appearance of your body and also your well-being.


How can you find a plastic surgeon like this? Before anything else, you can do a little research online. You can look for plastic surgeons in your area or country that are board-certified and experienced in performing the procedure you are interested in. It is never wise to go have your butt implant surgery done by the plastic surgeon who made your cousin happy with a face lift. You should focus on finding a plastic surgeon who is well-versed in performing the procedure you want to have because only through practice do we acquire experience. Moreover, a plastic surgeon who performs a certain procedure routinely is more familiar with the risks and complications that can occur and how to minimize them.


If there is more than one plastic surgeon that look like they could be right for you, the next step would be to check their sites and look at before and after pictures with former patients whom he operated on. Look for pictures with patients who have similar characteristics as yours to be able to form an opinion about what can be expected in terms of results.


To get a satisfying plastic surgery experience, you need a plastic surgeon who has a keen eye for details and aesthetics, has surgical skills, and is a good communicator. The plastic surgeon will guide you through the process of improving or correcting your body with plastic surgery. For some procedures, there is little advice to be given, but for procedures more complex such as breast or butt augmentations, the recommendations of the plastic surgeon can determine the success of the procedure or the lack of it.


A good plastic surgeon will take the time to discuss with you the needs and expectations from the procedure and tell you what can be done and what are the limitations. Make sure to listen to the advice of the plastic surgeon and take the recommendations into consideration before scheduling your operation.


  1.    Following the pre-operative instructions

Each plastic surgery procedure entails a period of preparation before the surgery. During the pre-operative stage, the patient needs to adopt a certain behavior and respect a set of instructions received from the plastic surgeon. The pre-operative period is important for the success of the procedure and also to avoid unwanted complications that could occur. And it is exactly because this pre-operative period is so important that patients can’t schedule their plastic surgery procedures the next day or week after having the initial consultation with the plastic surgeon.


To get a satisfying plastic surgery experience, you need to be prepared to undergo the procedure and know what to expect. This way we eliminate most of the pre-operative anxiety and post-operative stress. You won’t have to guess what you will experience as you should already know all the details even before scheduling the procedure.


The preparation period for most plastic surgery procedures starts a month before the date of the surgery. This is the time when the patient should stop taking birth control pills and other medication, depending on the recommendation of the plastic surgeon. During this month, a balanced eating and exercising regimen is advised as the patient should be in his best possible form when the procedure is performed. Keep in mind that plastic surgery should only be performed on healthy patients who also have a good emotional and mental condition. This means that even something as trivial as a simple cold could determine the need to reschedule your procedure. So make sure to avoid catching an infection or a cold during the month before the procedure is scheduled.


Two weeks before the procedure, it is recommended to stop taking natural supplements and also anti-inflammatory medication as they could trigger complications such as excessive bleeding during or after surgery. Aside from the physical preparations for the surgery, the patient is also advised to prepare mentally for the change in the body that will occur after the procedure.


  1.    Follow the post-operative recommendations

There are many patients who don’t get a satisfying plastic surgery experience because they don’t consider it necessary to follow the post-operative instructions of the plastic surgeon. To mention just one important aspect – the compression garments or girdle after plastic surgery. A responsible and experienced plastic surgeon will insist on the patient wearing the compression clothing for at least a few weeks to a few months after the procedure. Not following this recommendation can cause delayed wound healing, prolonged swelling of the operated area, and even asymmetries in certain cases. For example, the results of liposuction for patients who wore the girdle are far superior to patients who didn’t wear the compression garments. This is the case when the experience is not great because of the patient’s attitude towards the recovery period.


There are many other post-operative instructions that should be followed after the procedure. In some cases, often involving implants or fat transfer to certain areas of the body, the recommendation is not to sit or lie on that area for at least two or three weeks post-op. Once again this can be difficult for some people. Just think that after the Brazilian butt lift you are not supposed to sit directly on your butt for three weeks. This can be a real struggle, but it is important if you want to get a satisfying plastic surgery experience. Otherwise, you might just kill the fat cells that were transferred to the butt before they get a chance to develop a new blood network that will ensure their survival.


Getting satisfactory results after plastic surgery and making the plastic surgery experience pleasurable for the patient is not entirely the plastic surgeon’s responsibility. The patient needs to do his part, which is very important. Moreover, it is only up to the patient to sustain the results of plastic surgery for longer.


A good plastic surgery experience and sustaining the results

Some patients might have a good plastic surgery experience but fail to maintain the results of the procedure for a long time, and hence they consider this is somehow the plastic surgeon’s fault. This is rarely the case. What happens a year or two after the procedure is rarely the plastic surgeon’s responsibility. Plastic surgery can deliver impressive results and improve the appearance of the patient’s body considerably; however, in a vast majority of cases, it takes some effort to sustain the results. In many cases, weight fluctuations are to be avoided after the procedure, and the same goes for pregnancies. Generally speaking, any factors that might cause a deformation of the area treated with surgery is to be avoided at all costs after the procedure.



Many patients wonder what they can do and how to get a satisfying plastic surgery experience. A satisfying plastic surgery experience means good results and avoiding complications that can be avoided. To achieve this goal, you need to start by choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who is well-versed in performing the procedure you are interested in. The next step is following his instructions for pre- and post-operative care.


While many patients tend to believe that the success of the procedure or getting satisfactory results is all in the hands of the plastic surgeon, this is almost never the case. The patient’s attitude and efforts are required to get a satisfying plastic surgery experience.


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