How to get a sexy body with plastic surgery?

18th Oct 2018

! The hourglass body has been the ideal of feminine beauty for centuries now. It is not the skinny models from the catwalks that make our imagination go wild, but the curvaceous shape of a woman who has beautiful breasts, buttocks, and a small middle area.
Studies show that men perceive women with the hourglass shape as more fertile and are unconsciously attracted to them. So it is no wonder we are all so fascinated with getting this dream body shape.
Most people are not born with the hourglass shape. Even the women who had it in their youth tend to lose it with aging as adipose deposits tend to accumulate in the middle area of the body.
The hourglass procedures that I have developed and perform provide more impressive results compared to the traditional interventions performed to correct one area of the body. However, we can’t achieve a beautiful overall shape of the body with just one surgical method. For most of the hourglass procedures I perform, I associate liposuction and fat transfer to enhance the results and reshape the body.
If it is a tummy tuck, then aside from the traditional tummy tuck method, I also do liposuction on the abdomen and even in other areas with excess fat to harvest the adipose cells that will be transferred to the body. In doing this, I reshape and re-contour more than one area in just one intervention.
The liposuction is a procedure often performed in association with different interventions because it can help sculpt the body. Fat transfer is frequently needed by most patients. Even if it looks like they have wide hips, this doesn’t mean that the volume is positioned in the right place. By performing fat transfer to the hips, I have the possibility to control where the fat goes and shape the area accordingly.
Getting breast implants doesn’t automatically mean that your body will look more curvaceous, and it is the same for buttock implants. The proportions are very important when it comes to the body shape and also the shoulder-waist-hips ratio. To create this beautiful shape, we need more than one surgical procedure.

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