How to get a very natural look with breast implants

How to get a very natural look with breast implants

12th Jan 2020


While breast implant surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures worldwide, we see fewer women with breasts that look like they were achieved with the help of surgery. A few decades ago we could easily spot celebrities that had implants, as the breasts had a very special and easy to recognize appearance. Nowadays this is a thing of the past and the results that were so popular decades ago are considered unsatisfactory now. 

Of course, there are still women who undergo this procedure to get breasts that are huge and with an excessive volume compared to the rest of their anatomy. These are patients who are not looking for symmetry and harmony, but rather to shock with the size of their breasts. There is nothing wrong with this, and these are patients who are active in the entertainment industry. Otherwise, in today’s modern society, it is rather unusual for women to desire to get excessively large breasts. Just imagine a corporate executive walking into a meeting with her G cup breasts barely fitting in a business suit. This is not an image we associate with the professional world, but rather with a different type of scenario. This is why it is very often for women who are active in different fields and confronted with overly large breasts to undergo the opposite procedure: breast reduction.

Nowadays most patients undergoing breast implant surgery want to get results as natural as possible. So, how do we get a very natural look with breast implants?

The first thing you need to do is explain to your plastic surgeon in very clear words what you are trying to achieve. Avoid using exact measurements such as 350 ccs or a volume you know your friend had and got her the results you are looking for. It is better to bring pictures at the pre-operative consultation to illustrate the type of results you are trying to achieve. The plastic surgeon will perform exact measurements on your anatomy and recommend a minimum and a maximum for the implants to be used. Make sure to choose an implant that is within the range recommended by the plastic surgeon. Also, a special consideration needs to be given to the shape of the implants. A natural tear shape is preferred when natural results want to be achieved, but patients can also opt for round implants of smaller size if they want to avoid certain complications that can occur when using anatomical shape implants. 

A natural look is not only related to the appearance of the breasts but also their feel. With this in mind, you should know that silicone implants resemble the natural tissue of the breasts more compared to saline solution implants.


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