How to get perky breasts even in your 50s

How to get perky breasts even in your 50s

17th Nov 2021

When it comes to undergoing plastic surgery after 40 years old, many patients ask if they should pursue the procedure they are interested in or if it is too late for them. As I always tell patients, plastic surgery is not a question of ag, but general health and emotional condition. This means that if you are 50 and don’t have major contraindications, you can certainly benefit from the advantages of undergoing plastic surgery. 

One of the procedures that are in demand for women who are in their 50s is the breast lift. The procedure is performed to help women suffering from breast ptosis to get perky breasts again. This means that if you want to have a more youthful appearance and young-looking breasts, the optimal procedure for you might be the breast lift.

The breast lift is also known under the name of mastopexy. The procedure entails the use of general anesthesia and no more than a few hours of hospitalization before the patient can be released from the medical facility. 

When the breast lift is performed, the plastic surgeon will start by making incisions on the breasts. When the breast sagginess is minor, a periareolar incision can be enough to correct the condition. However, it is often the case that women in their 50s are suffering from a more severe level of breast ptosis. Their breasts have been affected not only by the passing of time and gravity, but some patients might have also experienced one or multiple pregnancies as well as some weight fluctuations, and these are just some of the factors known for their damaging effects on the breasts. 

When the breasts sagginess is more extreme, just the incisions around the areola is not enough to make the breasts look perky again, so additional incisions will be performed. A secondary incision can be performed vertically, from the edge of the areola towards the inframammary fold, and a third incision can be positioned horizontally in the fold under the breasts. The talent and experience of the board-certified plastic surgeon will ensure your incisions are minimal, but the healing process is dependent on the patient. Some patients have a tendency for abnormal scarring. This can’t be prevented, but the plastic surgeon will make sure to administrate treatment. 

To get good-looking scars after the breast lift, it is important to follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon to the letter and avoid anything that could cause the opening of the incisions. 

If you want to get perky breasts in your 50s, you should know that the process is fairly simple and the procedure is recommended for patients who are in good health and emotional condition and with no medical contraindications. Keep in mind that for the recovery period, you will need to take about two weeks off from work.

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