How to get rid of armpit fat

18th Oct 2018

Like other areas of the body, stubborn fat deposits can also develop in the armpit. Women are very sensitive about the accumulation of fat in the armpit because it makes them look aesthetically unattractive. The fat deposits in the armpit mostly result from a poor lifestyle, genetic factors, pregnancy, aging, and weight gain. If the fat in your armpit is affecting your self-esteem, you may consider getting rid of it.
Liposuction is the most effective plastic surgery procedure to remove the surplus fat from your armpit and contour the area. Liposuction of the armpit can be a fairly straightforward procedure for a plastic surgeon who has extensive experience performing armpit liposuction.
The surgery is normally performed under local anesthesia. The surgeon would first introduce a tumescent solution in the target area, which will be followed with the placing of a tiny incision. The use of tumescent solution will constrict the blood vessels and decrease the loss of blood during the surgery.
A hollow tube called a cannula will then be inserted into the site through the incision. Under the traditional method, the tube will be moved back and forth to dislodge the fat cells from the surrounding tissue. Modern methods like ultrasound-assisted liposuction and laser-assisted liposuction use ultrasound waves and laser rays respectively to liquefy the fat before removing it.
Once the fat is dislodged or liquefied, it is removed from the area through a suction pump or special syringe that is connected to the liposuction cannula. The incision is then sutured and closed. The same process is repeated in all target areas until the armpit is contoured.
Liposuction of the armpit is a relatively complex procedure because the armpit has nerves, blood vessels, and a chest cavity with spaces between the ribs, ligaments, and lymph nodes. A board-certified plastic surgeon can perform the procedure precisely and safely.
After the procedure, your armpits will appear contoured, shapelier, toned, youthful, and aesthetically appealing. However, it is important for patients to keep in mind that liposuction will remove only the excess fat from the armpit. If you your armpit is poorly contoured due to saggy skin or excess glandular tissue, you will require other interventions.

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