How To Get Rid of Bat Wings?

07th Nov 2017

We know that due to aging, or after considerable weight loss men and women can be confronted with unpleasant arm flab that look like bat wings. We’re talking about the superior part of the arm from the shoulder to the elbow that can look quite unaesthetic with skin sagginess is involved. If other areas of the body such as abdomen or the buttock can be hidden or mask by clothes. When it comes to the arm there’s little the patient can do aside from wearing long sleeves all the time. This bat wings can occur due to many reasons and after certain age they cannot be corrected with physical exercise anymore. The most efficient method to get rid of the bat wings is through an arm lift surgery. The procedure is safe, fast, and you can show off your arms again in a matter of months. The arm lift surgery can be associated with liposuction to further more reduce the thickness of the adipose tissue on the arms sculpting the area even more.

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