How to get the best experience possible when undergoing a breast reduction

How to get the best experience possible when undergoing a breast reduction

29th Jun 2019


Breast reduction surgery can be recommended for medical or aesthetic reasons, depending from patient to patient. Just as well, the procedure might be necessary if the patient wants to pursue a career in sports as overly large breasts can pose issues when it comes to performing physically demanding activities. 

The procedure needs a preparation period of about a month in advance during which time the patient has to stop taking certain medication, including natural supplements, stop smoking, and have a balanced diet. Breast reduction surgery is performed with the help of general anesthesia in many cases and requires a hospitalization period of only a few hours if no complications occur. The results are visible as soon as the procedure is over. The breasts are smaller, and the patient will notice that the pain in the back, neck, and shoulders has disappeared. However, to evaluate the final results, it can take as long as nine to twelve months. 

Breast reduction surgery is a complex and, at the same time, a very delicate procedure. It addresses the breasts which are an important feature of a woman’s physiognomy; the figure often associated with femininity, sex appeal, and even motherhood. A successful procedure can improve the quality of life for the patient considerably, as well as her aesthetic appearance. At the same time, achieving unsatisfactory results can trigger the need for additional plastic surgery procedures and even emotional complexes. 

Many patients interested in reducing the size of their breasts want to know how to get the best experience possible. The first and most important step is to get a plastic surgeon that understands your needs and is also highly experienced and board-certified. The relationship you create with the plastic surgeon is essential for the success of the procedure as the results depend on the understanding of your goals and expectations. At the same time, the plastic surgeon needs to guide you and recommend options that are most suitable to help you achieve the desired results. When considering the plastic surgeon, make sure that he performs this procedure routinely and has plenty of before and after pictures to show you from previous patients.

Another thing that the patient can do to ensure the best experience possible is to be committed to following the instructions of the surgeon. The preparation period, as well as the recovery period, are important, and severe complications can be avoided if the patient will play by the rules. The plastic surgeon will give you a set of recommendations for pre- and post-operative care even from the initial meeting. Make sure you can follow through with the recommendations before scheduling your breast reduction procedure. 


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