How to get the fake breast look

18th Oct 2018

Some patients come to the clinic not knowing exactly what they want for their breast augmentation. The first question they will ask is “will my breasts look fake after breast augmentation?” but the answer is dependent on many factors. How fake your breasts look depends on the volume of the implant that you use, on the profile and type of implant, and how much breast tissue you have before surgery. When it comes to breast volume, the bigger the implant regardless of the profile that you use, the more unnatural your breast is going to look.
For example, let us say that you are a B cup and you want to be a D cup. It does not matter if you use a profile that is moderate or high profile, your implant will tend to look high and unnatural. This does not mean that it is not going to look pretty, but it will look obvious. You need to recognize that the dynamics between the breast tissue and the implant depends on your anatomy. If your breast base (width) is very small, putting an implant with a bigger volume regardless of profile will force the breast to compensate by shifting the volume upwards and downwards to fill the space, making it look unnatural like Pamela Anderson’s.
Another factor that can make your breast look fake is the implant profile. The bigger the profile (meaning how much the implant sticks out and how full it is), the less natural it is going to look. If you choose a high profile or an ultra high profile, your breast will stick out more and your breasts will have more fullness due to the nature and shape of the implant. Also, the smaller breasts you have, the more unnatural your breast is going to look if you choose a large implant. If you have an A cup, the more volume you put, the more unnatural the breast is going to look. The more volume you put on the implant, the fuller and more obvious it is going to look on the top of the breast.
When it comes to how natural or unnatural your breasts are going to look, we need to recognize that breast implant form, shape, and final result will depend on multiple factors. When you come to the clinic, we can discuss all these factors one by one and choose the most appropriate implant for you.

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