How to get the hourglass body with buttock augmentation

How to get the hourglass body with buttock augmentation

14th Apr 2021


The hourglass body is the most popular female body shape because it features wider hips, smaller waist, and an overall curvaceous outline. This body shape makes women look more feminine, fertile, aesthetically welcoming, and sexy. Unfortunately, only some women get the hourglass body naturally. 

If you desire to get the hourglass body, you should consider getting plastic surgery. There are different plastic surgery procedures available to carve your body into the hourglass shape. The hourglass buttock augmentation is one of the effective procedures that not only makes your buttocks bigger and fuller, but also widens your hips and narrows down your waist.

The hourglass body  

The hourglass body is what most females revere. This figure makes them look beautiful and extremely attractive, especially to men. The hourglass body casts a lot of signals about your femininity and fertility. There is no doubt that most men prefer to be in a relationship with women having the hourglass body because they find them most attractive. A study found that men consider the hourglass figure even more important than the size of the breasts and facial features because they want to mate with females having wider hips and a smaller waist. 

Furthermore, men take only a moment to conclude whether a female is attractive. The first thing they take note of is the size of the waist. The second physical feature that they look at is whether the hips are wider or narrow. In other words, they subtly analyze the waist-to-hip ratio when they see women. It has been found that women with a waist-to-hip ratio ranging from 0.7 to 0.8 are most attractive because they have the hourglass body. 

Some examples of celebrities famous for the hourglass body include Jessica Alba, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Marilyn Monroe. These celebrities have perfect body shape, according to most women. So, why are people so obsessed with the hourglass body? The fact is that the hourglass body not only makes you look more feminine, fertile, beautiful, and sexy, but also makes you look healthier and capable of producing better offspring without much difficulty. It also makes you look more confident, social, and competent.

Most women don’t have the hourglass body. Their hips are narrow, and the waist is bulky in most cases. Furthermore, most of them have smaller or flatter buttocks. If you have similar physical problems but desire to get the hourglass body, you may consider getting the hourglass buttock augmentation surgery. This procedure will effectively augment your buttocks, besides sculpting your body into the hourglass shape. 

Getting the hourglass body with buttock augmentation

The primary goal of buttock augmentation is to increase the size of the booty. However, it can be used in combination with other cosmetic procedures to deliver you the hourglass figure as well. There are two types of buttock augmentation procedures, and both of them can be used along with other procedures to give you the hourglass body. 

The first option is the use of your body fat to augment your buttocks, and the second option involves the use of implants. In most cases, plastic surgeons recommend that you should use implants to augment your buttocks and fat transfer to get the hourglass shape. 

Buttock implants are artificial objects made of semi-solid silicone material. They are highly durable and permanent objects, with immunity to deflations and ruptures. Butt implants come in different sizes and oval and round shapes. The plastic surgeon will help you choose a suitable implant size. The surgeon will determine your candidacy for the procedure during the pre-operative consultation. Since you want to get the hourglass body, make sure that you communicate this to your plastic surgeon. 

Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Wilberto Cortes has developed the hourglass buttock augmentation. Ever since, thousands of women have undergone the procedure. More than 90 percent of patients are happy with the results they achieved with the hourglass buttock augmentation. The procedure also has a record of ensuring the safety and smooth recovery of the patients. After the procedure, you can expect your buttocks to become fuller and your body to be curvaceous with wider hips and a narrow waist. Many patients wonder as to how the surgery makes it possible to achieve the hourglass figure. I will answer this question below. 

How is the surgery performed?

The hourglass buttock augmentation is an outpatient procedure that is performed under general anesthesia. A board-certified anesthesiologist will administer the anesthesia, after which you will be asleep. The plastic surgeon will start the operation by making incisions on the buttocks. In most cases, a single incision is made in the butt crease. The size of the incision depends on the size of the butt implants chosen during the consultation session.

After making the incision, the doctor will carefully insert the implants into the buttocks through the incision. The surgeon will then place the implants in one of these locations: under the gluteal muscle, over the gluteal muscle, or within the gluteal muscle. Most surgeons prefer to put the implants under or within the muscles. 

After putting the implants in the intended location, the plastic surgeon will suture and close the incision. Now that one of the primary goals of the surgery has been achieved, the plastic surgeon will start to work on the second goal. The second goal is to carve your body into the hourglass shape. To accomplish this goal, the plastic surgeon will start by creating tiny incisions on the body areas that have accumulated excess fat, especially the abdomen, sides, flanks, and love handles. He will then do liposuction on these areas with the goal to decrease waist size, contour these areas, and collect fat for transfer to the hips. 

Liposuction involves inserting a hollow tube called a cannula in each target area through the incisions and a back and forth motion of the cannula. During this process, a tumescent solution is also introduced into the target area. The back and forth movement of the cannula helps dislodge the fat cells from the surrounding tissues, after which they are removed with a special syringe or a low-pressure suction pump. 

After treating all the target areas with liposuction, the surgeon will suture the incisions and move on to the next major step, i.e., injecting of the fat into the hips to make the hips wider. Keep in mind that liposuction of the target areas will reduce the size of the waist, which is a significant milestone of the hourglass surgery.

In the next major step, the plastic surgeon will purify the collected fat by processing it in a centrifuge. The dead and damaged fat cells, impurities, blood, and fluids are removed during this step. Only the healthy and living fat cells are retained for transfer to the hips.

In the last step of the surgery, the plastic surgeon will carefully pick each fat cell with a special needle and inject them into the hips. This step involves meticulous work and attention to detail. It is also time-consuming. Once all the fat cells have been properly injected into the hips, the surgery will come to an end. Your recovery will begin soon after the surgery.

The results of the hourglass butt augmentation would not be immediately visible. It will take many weeks and even months for the results to fully transpire. Once the results emerge, you will notice that not only have your buttocks become more prominent and fuller, but your body has changed into the hourglass shape as well. You will get wider hips, smaller waist, and a contoured and curvaceous body. 

To achieve useful results with the hourglass butt augmentation, it is vital for the patient to select the plastic surgeon carefully. Keep in mind that not all plastic surgeons can deliver you the hourglass body with butt augmentation. The surgeon needs to have extensive experience in the specific procedure and must be board-certified. 

Besides the techniques of the surgery and the surgeon’s experience and credentials, the results of the hourglass procedure depend on the surgeon’s sense of aesthetics of the female body, his artistry, and a deep understanding of the hourglass figure. As such, you must not rush to get the hourglass butt augmentation. Instead, do your research and choose a reliable, trusted, and experienced plastic surgeon. 


The primary goal of buttock augmentation is to increase the size of the derriere. But what if you also want to get the hourglass figure? The good news is that some plastic surgeons can help you achieve the hourglass body with buttock augmentation. Developed by Dr. Wilberto Cortes, the hourglass butt augmentation has a history of effectively enhancing the female body. After the surgery, your buttocks will become fuller and your hips will be wider, with a smaller waist-to-hip ratio. If you want to know whether you are a good candidate, you should consult with a plastic surgeon who has experience in the procedure. 

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