09th May 2016

Revered as the dream figure and envied by many women across the world, shutterstock_382456756the hourglass body boasts a round and curvy silhouette, combined with a distinct waist, rounder buttocks, shapely legs, and large thighs. However, only 8.4 percent of women on our planet are lucky enough to have a natural hourglass body. It is deemed the most womanly body shape, and we can’t resist applauding the lucky few with this specific figure. If you are among those lucky women, all you need to do is dress elegantly and find clothes that complement your figure.

For those women who don’t have the hourglass body, the good news is that there are ways you can achieve this most envied figure. You should keep plastic surgery as the last option to achieve the hourglass body. First try workouts, strength training, lifestyle changes, and diet. If all these options fail to give you the hourglass body, and if you think that specific figure is very necessary for you, then you have the option to go under the knife.

Let’s explore these options to attain the hourglass body one by one.

Regular strength training

You might try to achieve the hourglass body (or an almost-hourglass body) by engaging in some form of strength training. Regular fitness training can flatten your stomach and midsection. It is necessary to engage in regular, full-body exercises to achieve the desired silhouette. You can’t get satisfying results by just engaging in specific exercises or exercising only specific parts of your body.

Join a workout program

The second option to get the hourglass body is joining a workout program. However, the catch is that you must follow your workout routine religiously and do it every day. Remember, the hourglass body doesn’t come easily. You have to work hard to get your dream figure. Also, there are some exercises you should avoid, including exercising the side muscles, because they may make your waistline vanish.

Diet and lifestyle

In order to achieve the hourglass body, you must make sure to eat healthy and fresh foods. Remember, no matter what you do to improve your body shape, at the end of the day, everything comes down to your diet and lifestyle. You can work out every day, but if you have bad eating habits, all your efforts to attain an hourglass body will be in vain. Make sure to eat lots of vegetables, protein-laden foods, and fruits, and to avoid junk foods completely.

Plastic surgery and corsets

Dr. Cortes has developed multiple surgical techniques to achieve an hourglass shape:

  1. Hourglass tummy tuck
  2. Hourglass hips procedure
  3. Hourglass buttock augmentation with fat
  4. Hourglass buttock augmentation with implants
  5. Hourglass lipo
  6. Hourglass mommy makeover

Each one of these procedures has a specific goal that will be discussed with you during your consultation.


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