How to improve the v shape buttock with plastic surgery

How to improve the v shape buttock with plastic surgery

05th May 2018

The buttocks come in a variety of shapes and although plastic surgeons work on buttocks of any shape, those who have a V-shaped one are common. This shape is the least attractive of all the buttock shapes. Luckily, plastic surgery can help improve the appearance of those who have this kind of buttocks.

There are two kinds of plastic surgeries that can be done with a patient who has V shape buttocks. The first one is through the Brazilian butt lift and the second one is through buttock implants with liposuction. Both of the methods focus on achieving a smaller waist while providing a bigger butt. This helps create a figure that is similar or close to an hourglass shape.

No matter what surgical procedure is chosen, it is important to make sure that the patient recovers well. By following the surgeons post operative orders such as avoiding sitting down, sleeping on the tummy and using compression garments, patients can heal more efficiently.

The Shape Of The Buttocks

Most people may not be aware that there are different buttock. The shape of the buttocks depend on the location of the pelvis and hip bones, the amount of fat present as well as the size and attachment of the gluteal muscles to the thigh bones. There are 4 main shapes that the buttocks are categorized into, and those are the rounded or “O” shaped, the square, the pear and the inverted or “V” shaped buttocks.

Of all the buttock shapes, the V-shaped buttocks are considered the least attractive because it gives an appearance of bigger hips with a small buttock. It is quite common for plastic surgeons to have patients with V-shaped buttocks because those who have them would want to improve them through plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery For V shape Buttock

Having a V-shaped buttock is quite unflattering especially if those who have them don’t try to improve their shape or size through other more natural ways. For those who have tried but are still in need of a better solution, surgeons offer a type of plastic surgery to address this kind of problem.

A V shape buttock has two main problem areas, to wit: wider waist due to the fat content and the small flat butt cheeks. In order to make the buttocks look more attractive, there is a need to alter the size of the waist by decreasing it and at the same time increasing the buttocks to make them look more like a pear shaped one.

Women who have V shape buttocks can benefit well from a Brazilian butt lift as well as buttock implants with liposuction. The key to achieving a shapelier buttock is to make sure that the waist and hip ratio is ideal. By making the waist smaller, it is easier to make the hips look bigger and curvier.

Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift is a highly recommended surgical procedure that can help a V-shaped butt look better. With more fat found in the waist area, there would be enough to augment the buttocks. Aggressive liposuction can be done to make sure that much of the fat would be removed from the waist to make it smaller. The harvested fat can be used to properly augment the buttocks in the desired size.

It is expected that those who undergo the Brazilian butt lift with V-shaped buttocks have more swelling in the waist area. The swelling can also take more time to subside because of the aggressive liposuction done in order to make a better waist to hip ratio.

In case the patient is slim, there may be a chance that not enough fat can be harvested just from the waist area. To make sure there is enough fat, liposuction can also be done in the abdomen, arms, and thighs.

Buttock Implants And Liposuction

For some patients who have a V-shaped buttock but do not really have enough fat in the body to augment the buttocks successfully into the desired size, buttock implants can also be done together with the liposuction.

The liposuction will make the waist slimmer and smaller while the implants can be used to make the hips or the buttocks look larger and bigger to give that hourglass appearance. The small amount of fat harvested can also be used in the buttocks to have a layer of fat over the implants. This helps make the implants less obvious or palpable.

The Recovery

The recovery period is just as important as the surgery itself. Regardless of the type of plastic surgery used to improve a V-shaped buttock, a patient should strictly follow the surgeon’s post-operative orders for proper recovery and to achieve best results. Such post-operative orders may include the following:

  • Avoid Sitting: Most surgeons will advise patients to stay off of their buttocks and that means not to sit on them. This order may last for several weeks depending on the surgical procedure that was done. Aside from sitting, bending over is also not recommended because it gives pressure to the buttocks.
  • Sleep On Your Tummy: Sleeping on your tummy or doing other activities on your tummy is also advised because it doesn’t strain the buttocks but it may strain your neck if you do a lot of activities on your tummy. Having pillows to prop yourself can help decrease the strain on other parts of the body.
  • Use Compression Garments: Compression garments help provide additional support that the buttocks may need after the plastic surgery. These also help the buttocks to heal properly.


There are 5 different shapes that can be used to classify the buttocks. Of all the shapes, the least attractive one is the V shape. Many women who have V-shaped buttocks go to a plastic surgeon to find a solution to make their butts shapelier and more attractive.

There are two surgical ways on how to make a V-shaped buttock look better and these are through the Brazilian butt lift or through buttock implants with liposuction. Both methods will make use of liposuction in order to make the waist smaller. The fat harvested or the implants will be used to increase the size of the buttocks. This results in an hourglass-like figure.

After the surgery, it is important to make sure that patients heal well so that they can fully enjoy the beneficial and aesthetically pleasing results of the surgery. Surgeons will typically advise their patients to avoid sitting down, sleep on their tummy and make use of compression garments through their recovery period.

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