How to look after your breasts following breast enhancement surgery

How to look after your breasts following breast enhancement surgery

29th Jan 2019

Women having smaller or poorly contoured breasts often opt to go under the knife to have their aesthetic flaws corrected. Breast enhancement is a plastic surgery procedure that can improve the shape and increase the size of your breasts. The procedure involves the use of your own body fat or implants to deliver you the desired outcomes.

Breast enhancement is a major operation that involves incisions and tampering with your breast’s structure. This means there will be surgical trauma. After the procedure, you must take good care of your breasts. The recovery process is critical to the achievement of your aesthetic goals. In this article, I will discuss the important measures to look after your breasts during the recovery period after the breast enhancement procedure.

Taking care of your breasts after surgery

– Take rest: During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will place incision on your breasts and tamper with the skin, tissue, and muscle to correct the aesthetic flaws. If you are undergoing breast augmentation, implants may be placed under or above the pectoral muscle. In order to overcome the surgical trauma and heal safely, you must provide your body the time and energy it needs to recover and heal. You can do this by taking sufficient rest after the procedure. Be sure to spend most of your time in bed 2-3 weeks following the operation. This will go a long way toward ensuring your safe recovery and timely evolution of the desired outcomes.

– Avoid sleeping on your front: Since your breasts have incisions, are swollen, and have been bruised, you must be sure to avoid the application of pressure to your breasts for at least three weeks after the surgery. Make sure to avoid sleeping on your front because that can apply pressure to the breasts, which may result in incision opening, bleeding, infection, and movement of the implant from the intended place and position. Instead, you should sleep on your back and side.

– Surgical bra: After the procedure, you may be required to wear a surgical bra for a specific time period. The surgical bra is a special bra designed to contain the post-operative swelling, protect your breasts, and speed up the healing process after the surgery. Make sure to ask the surgeon as to what type of surgical bra is best for you and for how long to wear the bras. Normally, patients are required to wear surgical bras for a few weeks post-operation.

– Breast massage: If you have implants, the plastic surgeon may advise you to have breast massage performed after the surgery. The breast massage is a special lymphatic massage that involves the use of special techniques and methods to speed up the implant settling process. When the implant is inserted in the breast, it takes longer to settle and drop into the intended position and place. The breast massage speeds up this process. It also makes the breasts look smoother and natural. Normally, patients are required to start breast massage 3-4 days following the surgery and continue breast massage at least three times a day for the first three months.

– Limit your physical activities: Physical activities after breast enhancement surgery can have adverse effects on the breasts and the healing process. For example, running and jumping can trigger wound dehiscence, excessive bleeding, and poor wound healing. You must avoid physical activities like running, weight lifting, stretching, exercise, sports, etc. for six weeks following the intervention. After that, you may gradually resume your physical activities. However, you can take short and slow walks every few hours during the recovery period.

– Avoid sun exposure for several months: Exposure of the breasts to the sun and other forms of direct heat can cause a number of health and aesthetic complications after the surgery. Since your breasts have incisions, a major concern is that the resulting scar may become abnormal and noticeable after the surgery. Sun exposure of the breasts can make the scars worse and abnormal. It is advised that breast enhancement patients must avoid exposing their breasts to the sun for six months after the surgery. When you go out, be sure to cover your breasts properly.

– Taking medications on time: If the surgeon has prescribed medications for pain relief or preventing infections, you must take them on time and according to the instructions of the doctor. Ignoring the doctor’s instructions and not taking the medicines may trigger health and aesthetic problems.

– Keep track of your weight: If you have undergone breast augmentation via fat transfer, you must keep your weight stable. Weight loss after the procedure will shrink your breasts and annul the results. The fat injected in your breasts will behave the same way as the fat in other areas of your body. Weight loss will also affect the breast fat in the same way as it does the fat in other parts of the body. In order to sustain the achieved aesthetic improvements, be sure to keep your weight stable.

– Breast examination to diagnose complications: After the procedure, you must have your breasts examined at least once or twice a year to diagnose any unforeseen problems. For example, if you have silicone implants, your breasts must be examined to detect implant leakage or rupture.


Breast enhancement is a major operation used to correct the aesthetic flaws in the breasts and enhance your feminine features. In order to achieve the desired results and stay safe, you must look after your breasts following the operation. In this article, I have discussed the most important things to do for a safer recovery and beautiful breasts after the procedure. You must ask your surgeon for more tips to take care of your breasts after breast enhancement.

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