How to make the most out of your breast augmentation surgery

How to make the most out of your breast augmentation surgery

26th Feb 2019

Plastic surgery is very different from other things that people do for aesthetic purposes. The success of plastic surgery is not completely dependent on the talent of the plastic surgeon and his experience, but also the patient’s commitment and dedication to make the most out of the procedure. If you want breast implants, it’s not enough just getting the best plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. The reality is that despite the importance of choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, there are other things that should be done to get the best possible results.

Many patients ask how to make the most out of their breast augmentation surgery and avoid repeated procedures due to unsatisfactory results. Here are the things you need to do in their natural order:

1. Choose the right plastic surgeon for your breast augmentation

So your sister had a tummy tuck and really liked working with this surgeon. Is he the right surgeon for your breast augmentation? Maybe is the only answer. You need to make sure that the plastic surgeon of your choice is first board-certified and then well-versed in the procedure you are interested in. It doesn’t really matter that he is a genius when it comes face lifts if you want breast implants. An experienced plastic surgeon will guide you in choosing the right type of breast implants and then decide on the operative plan to be followed, such as the placement of the incisions and the location of the implants, to help you make the most out of your breast augmentation surgery.

2. Prepare for the breast augmentation surgery

Unlike an appointment to get a manicure, breast augmentation requires a great deal of preparation before your appointment. You will be asked to quit smoking a month before the procedure, along with birth control medication, anti-inflammatory medication, and natural supplements. This will help you avoid complications. Your home should also be prepared for your return after the surgery med. Make sure you have all you need in handy.

3. Follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon

The dedication of the patient during the post-operative period is essential for the success of the surgery and to make the most out of your surgery. It is during the recovery period that the work of the plastic surgeon is kept and enhanced or altered due to not following the recommendations and developing complications. Again, the patient is advised not to smoke to avoid unsightly scarring after the procedure. Sleeping on the tummy is also to be avoided so not to cause the implants to shift. Wearing the compression bra is mandatory to reduce swelling but also to get the best results possible. Also, make sure not to lift anything from the ground for at least a few months post-op.

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