How to make the results of buttock augmentation more sustainable

How to make the results of buttock augmentation more sustainable

27th Oct 2019



Many women do not tell it upfront, but the fact is that most women subtly desire to have bigger buttocks. If your buttocks are smaller or flatter, you might be experiencing self-esteem issues and wanting to identify with the bigger booty trend. Bigger buttocks are signs of femininity and fertility. They also improve your overall body outline and curves. Furthermore, if your buttocks are bigger, chances are more men will be interested in you for mating because it indicates that you are capable of having a successful pregnancy, as studies show. 

If your buttocks are smaller, you may consider getting buttock augmentation surgery. It is a popular, effective, and major plastic surgery procedure that enhances the buttocks by adding volume to them. There are two different types of butt augmentation procedures: via fat transfer and implants. Many patients ask as to whether the results of the operation are long-lasting and how to make the results more sustainable. 


Sustainability of buttock augmentation surgery results

To understand the sustainability of buttock augmentation results, you must first understand the surgery. Buttock augmentation surgery has been around for many decades now. However, today, the procedure is safer and more effective than ever, thanks to the advancements made in the field of plastic surgery. Every year, tens of thousands of women undergo buttock augmentation, and a majority of the patients are happy with the results. 

Furthermore, the results of buttock augmentation are now more sustainable. But the sustainability of the results also depends on different factors, particularly the type of butt augmentation that you undergo, your choice of plastic surgeon, your candidacy for the procedure, the size of implant and where the implant is placed, and how careful you are after the procedure. 


How to make the results more sustainable

There are different factors on which the longevity of the results of butt augmentation depends on. If you take these factors into account and act wisely, you can get long-lasting results. Below are some tips for you to make the results of butt augmentation more sustainable:


–    Choose your plastic surgeon carefully

The success of buttock augmentation surgery and the sustainability of the results is in the hands of your plastic surgeon. It is vital for you to choose your plastic surgeon very carefully and after a thorough vetting. Unfortunately, all doctors are legally allowed to perform plastic surgery procedures in the US. As such, many general practitioners and even psychiatrists have started posing as plastic surgeons. If you fall into the hands of such practitioners, you should not expect to get sustainable results. Instead, you will be exposed to many risks, both health-wise and aesthetic wise. 

Before selecting a plastic surgeon, make sure to do your research. The key to choosing a trusted surgeon is to be sure the doctor is a board-certified plastic surgeon. If the American Board of Plastic Surgery has certified him, it is safe to have the surgery performed by him. You should also make sure the plastic surgeon is experienced in buttock augmentation and has the aesthetic sense and artistry to sculpt your buttocks into the desired shape. 


–    Make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure

The second step to making the results of buttock augmentation more sustainable is by making sure you are a good candidate for the procedure. If you have chosen a board-certified plastic surgeon for the consultation, you can rest assured that your candidacy will be properly assessed. However, it is also essential for you to share your complete medical information and aesthetic goals and expectations with the surgeon. The surgeon will examine your buttocks, assess your health, and know your goals before telling you if you are a good candidate for the surgery or not. If you are a good candidate, you can expect the results of buttock augmentation to be more sustainable. 


–    Pick the right procedure

Next, you must choose the right buttock augmentation surgery if you want to achieve more sustainable results. There are two types of butt augmentation procedures, i.e., via implants and fat transfer. Depending on your goal and other factors, the plastic surgeon will recommend you the best option. Buttock implant surgery is usually recommended for patients wanting to get large and voluptuous behinds. On the other hand, fat transfer surgery, also called the Brazilian butt lift, is recommended for patients who wish to get shapelier buttocks with mild projection. 

Buttock implant surgery provides more sustainable results. Butt implants are external objects made of high quality, heavy-duty, semi-solid silicone material. These implants are highly resilient and stronger and immune to ruptures and deflation. They are put into the buttocks through incisions. Once you get these implants, they will stay with you for a lifetime and so will the results if the rare but severe complications like capsular contracture, implant infection, and implant displacement don’t happen.

On the other hand, the sustainability of the BBL’s results depends on many factors, such as how well the fat is extracted, processed and grafted, and whether your body absorbs some portion of the fat injected into your buttocks. If the steps of the surgery are adequately implemented, the results will be sustainable. However, the results of BBL are not as lasting and permanent as that of the butt implant surgery. As you age or when you lose massive weight, your buttocks may shrink again. Many patients require touch-up fat injections after the surgery to make up for the fat loss due to weight loss, aging, or fat absorption by your body.


–    Choose the right implant size

If you choose to get butt implant surgery, keep in mind that the implants come in different sizes. It is essential to select the right implant size if you want to get more sustainable results with the surgery. Again, the plastic surgeon can tell you best as to what proportion of implant is suitable for you. It is not always wise to get huge implants. Ideally, the implant size must accentuate your overall body outline and fit well inside your buttocks. If you choose to go with an implant size that is too large for your butt dimensions, you will get abnormally large and weird buttocks. After the surgery, you will not be happy with the results and may even decide to have the implants removed. 


–    Have the implants placed under or within the gluteal muscle

Another thing you must do to ensure the sustainability of the butt augmentation results has to do with the placement of the implants. The implants are inserted into the buttocks through incisions and then placed in the intended location. There are three options to place the implants inside the booty: under, within, or over the gluteal muscle. To get more sustainable results, you should tell your surgeon to put the implants under or within the gluteal muscle. Placing the implants over the gluteal muscle can trigger both aesthetic and health complications, which can in turn make the results short-lived.


–    Wear the compression garments

The use of compression garments is recommended for all patients after butt augmentation surgery, no matter if you have gotten implants or fat transfer. The compression garments are specifically designed to enhance the results, reduce the swelling after the surgery, and speed up the recovery process. These garments will hold your newly contoured buttocks in place until they gain enough strength to stay in place. As such, they are known to make the results of butt augmentation more sustainable.


–    Follow the surgeon’s instructions

The plastic surgeon will provide you with instructions to be followed after the surgery. For example, you will be advised to avoid strenuous activities for many weeks after the surgery. If you have gotten fat transfer, you will be instructed to avoid massive weight loss after the procedure because that can lead to the reversal of the achieved improvements. Be sure to follow the surgeon’s instructions and if you notice any complications, make sure to contact your plastic surgeon. Also, be extremely careful during the recovery period because any pressure to the incisions during the first six weeks can affect the sustainability of the results. 



The buttocks are among the most critical assets of women. They not only help you maintain your posture, sit, and move around, but also signify your femininity, fertility, and body outline. Smaller buttocks look aesthetically unwelcoming, which is why many women desire to have bigger buttocks. Buttock augmentation surgery can effectively enhance your buttocks by making them projected or bigger. There are many things that you can do to improve the sustainability of the results. I have discussed the most important of those things in this article. You can even ask your plastic surgeon for tips to make the results more sustainable. 


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