How to prepare for breast surgery

How to prepare for breast surgery

06th Jul 2021

Despite the fact that it is among the two most performed plastic surgery procedures in the United States, breast augmentation is a complex procedure that requires a great deal of preparation. There are patients who believe they can just schedule the procedure, show up on the day of the surgery, and then walk out of the clinic with a pair of new, amazing breasts with no efforts required. But things are not like this. The reality is very different, and to get a good result after undergoing breast surgery and avoid complications, patients need to put some time and attention into the preparation for the surgery. So, how does one prepare for breast surgery?

–    Stop taking birth control pills

One of the side effects of birth control medication is an increased risk of deep vein thrombosis or developing a blood clot. To reduce this risk, the plastic surgeon will ask you to stop taking pills a month before the procedure is scheduled. Make sure to find an alternative contraceptive method for this month.

–    Have a healthy diet 

When breast surgery is performed, the body will have to heal after the surgical trauma. For the healing process to be smooth and fast, the body should be in top condition, and this is ensured by having a good, healthy, balanced diet. The patient is advised to avoid strict diets and also overeating for at least a month before the procedure and keep a balanced eating regimen. 

–    Avoid catching a cold or an infection 

The body needs to be in top condition to be able to go through the surgery and heal fast after, so it is imperative to avoid any cold, flu or infection that could weaken the immune system. 

–    Stop smoking 

Smoking can significantly impact the healing process, so the instruction is to stop smoking three weeks before the procedure and remain a non-smoker for at least the same amount of time after breast surgery. 

–    Stop taking anti-inflammatory medication and natural supplements 

Anti-inflammatory medication, as well as certain natural supplements, can lead to excessive bleeding due to their blood thinning effects. This is the reason you shouldn’t take any pills without your plastic surgeon’s consent two weeks before the procedure is scheduled. If you take anti-inflammatory medication close to the surgery date, make sure to let the surgeon know as he might decide to postpone the procedure or prepare accordingly. 

–    Don’t eat or drink anything for six to eight hours

General anesthesia is often preferred for breast augmentation surgery. The instruction is to avoid drinking or eating anything for about eight hours before the procedure to avoid complications when under the effects of the anesthesia.

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