How to prepare for buttock augmentation surgery

How to prepare for buttock augmentation surgery

19th May 2018

A buttock augmentation surgery can either be a Brazilian butt lift or a buttock implant surgery. Both procedures help in improving the buttocks and both also need proper preparations before surgery. Proper preparation does not only deal with the physical aspect but also the mental and emotional state of the patient.

One way to physically prepare your body for the surgery is to stay healthy. Proper diet and exercise will help prepare you for the surgery. Smokers should also stop smoking a few weeks before the surgery. Mental and emotional preparation can likewise be done by being well informed. This can be achieved through research, by consulting the surgeon and by talking to others who went through the same procedure.. Also, having a support group helps make patients mentally and emotionally stronger during the recovery period.

There are also other things that should be prepared before the surgery such as groceries and supplies that patients will need after the surgery, rearranging the layout of the house, and furniture for better accessibility and the assistance of a helper.

Brazilian Butt Lift Or Buttock Implants

A buttock augmentation procedure can bring women a step closer to achieving the body that they have always dreamed of. They can either choose to go for a Brazilian butt lift – where fat is transferred to the buttocks, or go for buttock implants. Regardless of the buttock augmentation procedure , certain preparations must be made. Being prepared helps not only during the surgery, but also during the recovery period.

In order to prepare for a buttock augmentation surgery, one must first choose which would be best for their body and the results that they want. To do this, research and consultations with the surgeon are highly recommended. Once the decision is made, the preparations should be made.

Preparing For Buttock Augmentation Surgery

Each surgeon may have their own list of things that has to be done prior to the surgery. Patients must follow them strictly because they are meant to prepare the body and get it into the optimal state for surgery. Although most of the preoperative orders of the surgeons are meant to prepare the body physically, patients should also prepare themselves mentally and emotionally. Having a healthy body and a healthy state of mind can help the patient go through a successful procedure and faster recovery.

Physical Preparation

One of the common things surgeons ask their patients to do in preparation for the surgery is to stop smoking. Smoking prevents wounds to heal properly which can lead to a prolonged recovery. Aside from not smoking, being on a restricted diet before the surgery is highly discouraged because it weakens the body due to lack of proper nutrients. This makes healing of the wounds difficult resulting to extended recovery period.

Those who are taking regular maintenance medications may be asked to stop taking them or to replace them with an alternative. Certain medications like blood thinners can adversely affect the surgery and the patient’s recovery. Thus, it is important to provide the surgeon with complete information and history of your health and medication so he can properly advise you on what to do.

Mental And Emotional Preparation

Aside from the physical preparation of the body, patients also need to prepare themselves mentally and emotionally for the surgery. Before the surgery, some people may have second thoughts about going through the procedure. Mental preparations like gathering information about the surgeon and the procedure can help in making the decision. Knowing what to expect after surgery also helps prevent panic. Information that can help in your decision are readily available online, from your surgeon and even from other people who had the same surgery.

The presence of a support group, either family, friends, or an online group of people who went through the same procedure can also help the patient emotionally during the recovery stage. It is possible that patients who undergo the buttock augmentation will feel so helpless and even useless because of the pain, discomfort and limited activity that the patient can do after the surgery. This can lead to depression and emotional distress. This is where the presence of the support group becomes vital. It is important for the patient to have a mindset that all these anxieties are just temporary and should focus instead on the results of the surgery.

Other Things To Prepare

Physical, mental and emotional preparedness are essential for a successful surgery and fast recovery. There are other things that the patient must prepare to ease the burden during the recovery stage.. After the surgery, the body needs to rest to heal. The surgeon will require the patient to limit his or her activity and movement. Replenishing the stock of groceries and supplies at home will prevent the need to go out to buy these things. Additional items like a doughnut pillow, bandages, compression garments, stool softeners, and medications can also be purchased in advance.

There might also be a need to rearrange the layout of the house to make things and areas easily accessible. It would also be helpful if to find someone to assist the patient during the recovery period. A family member or a hired helper can help with the household chores and daily activities to lessen the movement and strain on the buttocks.


There are two ways on how to do the buttock augmentation surgery. One is by transferring fat to the buttocks , called the Brazilian butt lift, and the other is by inserting implants. Whatever procedure is chosen, it is important to be prepared before the surgery is performed.

Preparations can be done to make the patient physically, mentally and emotionally ready for the surgery. The body can be physically prepared and in its best condition by consuming nutritious foods, by quitting smoking and by stopping or changing some medications that may have adverse effect during and after the surgery. Being well informed, knowing what to expect after the surgery and having a support group will help the patient to be mentally and emotionally prepared during and after the surgery.

Aside from the physical, mental and emotional preparations, it is also recommended to purchase in advance the groceries and supplies that the patient will need in the house. For better accessibility, rearranging the layout of the house and furniture, and the assistance of a helper who will help in the household chores will relieve the patient of unnecessary movement during the recovery stage.

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