How to prepare for the breast enhancement procedure

How to prepare for the breast enhancement procedure

06th Jun 2016

The breast enhancement procedure is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgeries for women from all over the world. The decision to enhance the appearance of your breasts still needs to take some time and consideration on your part, as many patients have both unrealistic expectations and unjustified fears.

Preparing for breast enhancement surgery can be an exciting and stressful process. Planning for all the steps ahead of the procedure can help you enjoy the experience more, as well as have a faster and uneventful recovery period after the surgery.

This information is meant to supplement the details you will be receiving from the plastic surgeon during your consultation.

How to prepare for the breast enhancement procedure?

–   Arrange to have someone to drive you and pick you up at the clinic before and after the surgery;

–   If you live alone, find a friend or a family member who can stay with you at your place for the first 24 hours after you get back home. You will need someone to help you around the house until you get a better understanding of what you can and can’t do; having a friend helping out can make your recovery easier.

–   If you are the main caretaker of a family with children, make sure you prepare food in advance and store it in the freezer. When you come back from the clinic, you will be in no position to cook or do chores around the house; you will need time to rest and relax and concentrate on your healing.

–   Always make sure you check with your plastic surgeon about when you will be allowed to resume driving, having sex, or exercising.

–   As with any trip to the doctor’s for surgery, you will need only a few things with you when you check in for the breast enhancement appointment. You will need some ID and a small backpack with the papers and the medication recommended by the plastic surgeon.

Tips for before the breast enhancement procedure:

  1. If you are a smoker, it is possible your doctor will ask you to cut down on the number of cigarettes you are having daily or quit smoking altogether.
  2. Tell your doctor about any medication or supplement you might be taking before the surgery. It does not matter how unimportant it might seem to you; only the plastic surgeon will be able to evaluate the impact accurately. For example, medications like aspirin and ibuprofen can cause bleeding during and after the procedure due to their effect on blood coagulation.
  3. Eat healthily and avoid drinking alcohol for a few days before the breast enhancement procedure.
  4. Avoid too much exercise the day before the breast enhancement surgery.
  5. Don’t drink or eat anything after midnight when you have surgery the next day.
  6. If you have nail polish on, remove it from at least one fingernail or toenail, so the anesthetist can monitor your blood flow during the procedure.
  7. Wear comfortable clothes when you go for your plastic surgery appointment. Loose clothes that can be put on and taken off easily will make the process more comfortable for you after the procedure is performed.

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