How to reduce the visibility of breast lift scars

How to reduce the visibility of breast lift scars

14th May 2021


Saggy breasts look aesthetically unwelcoming and make you look aged. The female breasts are always exposed to sagging. When the breasts become saggy, it affects the patient’s self-esteem and quality of life. Fortunately, there is a plastic surgery procedure that can restore your firmer and youthful breasts. The breast lift enhances saggy breasts by removing excess skin, tightening the loose breast muscles, and lifting the nipples. 

While the breast lift delivers useful results, it involves incisions. One of the significant and permanent side effects of the operation is scarring on the breasts. The incisions made during the procedure ultimately change into scars. Many women want to know as to how they can decrease the visibility of the scars after breast lift. To know about the options available to reduce the scars, you should first understand as to why and how the scars develop. 

Breast lift scars

The breast lift has been used to treat saggy breasts for decades now. Every year, millions of women undergo the procedure to get back their youthful and perky breasts. This procedure has a history of delivering satisfactory results to a majority of patients. Many women accept the scars that the procedure leaves on the breasts as a trade-off for the aesthetic benefits. However, some women are extremely sensitive about scars and look for ways to reduce their visibility.

If you are concerned about breast lift scars, you must discuss this matter with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation. The scars develop due to the incisions made on the breasts. The breast lift is performed under general anesthesia because it is highly invasive and traumatic. During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will make incisions on the breasts. The size of the incisions and the incision technique depends on how saggy your breasts are and how firmer you want them to be. 

It is vital for the patient to discuss the incision technique with the surgeon in advance of the operation. The shape and size of the scars depend on what technique has been used to make the incisions, as the plastic surgeon will access the underlying breast muscles through them. If the muscles are separated and damaged, the surgeon will use specific techniques to tighten them up and repair them.

In the next step, the plastic surgeon will remove the excess skin from the breasts. If your nipples are pointing downwards, the surgeon will reshape them so that they can point forward and look youthful. The doctor will then suture and close the incisions in the last step.

The incisions will gradually change into scars. The scarring happens because your body reacts against the incisions by generating more collagen. It does so to protect you from complications like infections. Collagen triggers the development of the scars. It can take many months and even years for breast lift scars to mature. 

In most cases, the scars develop normally and fade over time. However, the fact is that the scars will remain with you for a lifetime. So, what can you do to reduce the visibility of those scars? Also, there is a risk that abnormal scarring may also happen. Abnormal scars are rough, raised, and more visible. These types of scars develop in rare cases, but they do happen and cannot be ruled out. Below are some ways to reduce the visibility of breast lift scars. 

– Surgical scar treatment 

The first method to reduce the visibility of the breast lift scar is the use of surgical scar treatment. With this method, you can significantly decrease the scars. But like all other surgeries, this treatment also entails risks. One of the main dangers is that it may lead to the development of abnormal scars. For example, the procedure may trigger the development of keloid or hypertrophy scarring. Patients must choose to undergo surgical scar treatment carefully and only as a last option. 

Treating breast lift scars with the surgical method is complicated. It involves the use of sophisticated techniques, and in most cases, this procedure is used in combination with other treatment options to decrease the risks and improve the chances of success. If the breast lift has left keloid scars on your breasts, you should go immediately for surgical scar treatment because other methods don’t treat keloid scars. During the surgical procedure, the surgeon will remove the scar lesions. However, the surgeon must not meddle with the nearby scar tissue because doing so can make the scars worse.

– Compression treatment

Breast lift scars can also be reduced with compression treatment to make the scars flat and soft. During this treatment, the surgeon will use motorized pressure to reduce the visibility of the breast lift scars. This scar treatment option must be used with extreme care and involves reducing the width of the scar and kindling of the vascular edges. During this treatment, the patient is made to put on an elastic compression garment that is particularly customized for each patient. The doctor may also use silicone dressings to improve results.

– Corticosteroids

If the scars after the breast lift are more visible, you can opt to use corticosteroids to decrease their visibility. However, do not self-medicate. You must follow the surgeon’s instructions because corticosteroids come with many side effects. However, this treatment option is useful and makes the scars thinner. During this treatment, corticosteroid medicine is injected into specific areas of the scar with a special needle. Typically, patients are told to get the injection for one or two years every 3-6 weeks. 

– Radiotherapy

The use of radiotherapy is yet another option to reduce the visibility of breast lift scars. However, it comes with many risks and side effects, which is why patients should use it only as a last option. If the scars are highly visible and all other methods fail to reduce them, you may consider getting radiotherapy. This method of lowering the scars is used rarely due to the risks and side effects.

–   Silicone sheeting

The use of silicone sheeting is a common and popular treatment for breast lift scars. This method is not invasive. The doctor will use a method to increase the temperature of the scars, in addition to making them moist. As a result, the scars become soft and flat, which helps decrease their visibility.

How to prevent abnormal scarring after a breast lift

Sometimes, breast lift scars may develop abnormally. This happens due to genetic factors and carelessness on the part of the patient. It can also occur due to surgical errors. Abnormal scars are highly visible, raised, rough, and aesthetically unwelcoming. They look swollen and affect the results achieved with the breast lift. 

Most patients get abnormal scars like keloid scars due to genetic factors. For example, people of Asian origin and those with dark skin are more exposed to developing abnormal scars. Also, the tendency to get unusual scars also runs in the families of many people. If you have a genetic tendency to get abnormal scars, you should first avoid getting breast lift. If you still want to undergo the procedure, you must discuss this matter with the plastic surgeon before the operation. 

Carelessness during the recovery period can also trigger the development of abnormal scars. You must be extremely careful and avoid doing physical activities that can apply pressure to the chest for many weeks. You should also wear compression surgical bras for the recommended time because it can drastically reduce the risk of abnormal scarring. Furthermore, do not expose your breasts to direct sunlight and other forms of direct heat for six months because doing so can lead to abnormal scar development. If you are a smoker, you must stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery and avoid smoking throughout the recovery period.


Many factors can affect the female breasts, making them saggy and loose. Chief among these factors are pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, gravity, and weight changes. If your breasts have become saggy, you may consider getting the breast lift. This procedure can effectively restore your firmer, perky, and youthful breasts. However, keep in mind that the breast lift is an invasive procedure and it leaves scars on the breasts. The scarring is a permanent side effect of the procedure. You should discuss it with the surgeon beforehand. In this article, I have discussed some methods that you can use to reduce the visibility of breast lift scars. 

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