How to sit after a buttock augmentation by Dr. Hourglass

08th Feb 2017

One of most important things to do after performing a Brazilian buttock augmentation is understanding how to sit after this procedure. You need to understand that the buttock augmentation is performed with fat and the fat is harvested in a way that it is alive but because the fat has absolutely no blood supply when it is transferred to any part of the body, it needs to be treated and managed in a such a way to avoid the fat from dying. It takes about 2 weeks for the body to actually take the fat that is transferred and provide a network of blood vessels to support the fat that is grafted. Any major stress to the fat will cause the fat to die. Stress factors that includes:
1. Infection. You develop an infection the fat will die because it does not have the capabilities and the immune system to fight infection.
2. Pressure. The patient sits after surgery particular first 2 weeks, the pressure that is applied to the buttock can compromise the survival of the fat.

For this reason after the buttock augmentation surgery, you cannot sit for about 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks, then you can sit with a cushion. There has been multiple suggestions online on what is the best pillow to use to prevent the fat from dying and protect the buttock during a recovery. Some surgeons recommend using a Boppy pillow, but the boppy pillow is actually one of the worst ideas ever. It is a pillow that is soft and when you sit you are still going to provide pressure to the surgical sites. The best way to avoid pressure on the buttock is to use a foam roll. A foam roll is a minimal compressive pillow of a material that does not have memory. When you sit, it is just not going to give due to the weight of the body. This pillow needs to be placed under the thighs, not under the buttock. In this way, the buttock will be bumped providing and relieving any pressure that might be applied to the buttock by shifting the load of your body to the thigh instead of your buttock. The surgical site will be protected from causing pressure necrosis of the fat. Using the pillow is the most important thing after a buttock augmentation procedure. If you use it accordingly you are going to have a successful recovery and long-term results.

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