How to speed up the recovery after a breast lift

How to speed up the recovery after a breast lift

01st Dec 2019



When the breasts become saggy, it makes you look aged and aesthetically unwelcoming. Pregnancy, aging, gravity, and weight changes are the leading causes of the development of saggy breasts. The breast lift is a plastic surgery procedure that effectively treats saggy breasts, making them tighter and perky again.

Many women who want to undergo the breast lift are unaware of the important facts about the procedure. Patients are encouraged to ask questions, and agood surgeon will always address your concerns and answer your questions. The recovery period after the breast lift plays an integral part in ensuring your safety and achieving the desired outcomes. One of the questions that many people ask is how they can speed up the recovery process. 


Recovery after the breast lift

The breast lift is a highly invasive and major procedure. During the surgery, the plastic surgeon will create incisions on your breasts during the first step. Different incisions techniques can be used to perform the surgery, depending on how saggy your breasts are and what are your aesthetic goals. After making the incisions, the plastic surgeon will access the breast muscles through the incisions. Keep in mind that one of the reasons why the breasts become saggy is because of the separated and loose breast muscles. To make the breasts tighter, the plastic surgeon will tighten and repair the breast muscles.

In the next stage of the procedure, the plastic surgeon will reposition the nipples by placing them higher on the breasts. This will be achieved by making a tiny incision above the nipples and removing a small piece of skin from the area. Next, the surgeon will reduce the size of overly expanded areolas. In the next major step, the plastic surgeon will remove the excess skin from the breasts, which is the primary cause of the development of saggy breasts. In the last step, the surgeon will suture and close the incisions.

Your recovery will begin right after the breast lift and carry on for the weeks to follow. After the surgery, you may experience some pain and discomforts in your breasts for a few days. You can manage the pain with painkillers. Furthermore, your breasts will be swollen after the surgery. This is a normal side effect of the procedure. The swelling will subside as time passes. Complete disappearance of the swelling will take place after many weeks or months. Do not make physical movements during the first two weeks following the operation and avoid physically strenuous activities for six weeks after the procedure. 


How to speed up the recovery after the breast lift

Many patients ask whether there are many ways to have a speedy recovery after the breast lift. The good news is that you can recover reasonably quickly if you follow the tips given below:


– Take sufficient rest

Resting is one of the main advices that any qualified plastic surgeon can give his patients. Since the surgery is traumatic and involves incisions and tampering with your breast muscles and tissues. As such, the patient must take sufficient rest for the required period after the surgery. The minimum period during which you must take rest comprises the first two weeks following the operation. Many patients assume that they can resume their daily activities immediately after the surgery. However, the fact is that you must avoid work and other activities and instead rest in bed for two weeks. 

You must focus on recovering and recuperating from the surgical trauma instead of being physically active. When you take rest, your immune system becomes stronger and your body heals quickly. After two weeks, you may resume work if your work doesn’t involve strenuous activities. Also, you must avoid physically demanding activities for six weeks after the procedure. 


– Wear the compression bras

Secondly, after the surgery, you will be advised to wear a particular type of bra called compression surgical bra. You must avoid wearing your regular bras as they can prolong the healing period and can create complications. The compression surgical bras are primarily designed to speed up the recovery by reducing the post-operative swelling and healing the incisions. Typically, the patient is required to wear the compression surgical bras for six weeks after the procedure. 

The patient must make sure to wear these garments for the time recommended by your plastic surgeon. Of course, you can take off the bras to take a shower and then wear them again for the next three weeks. Using the compression bras have been found speed up the incision healing and emergence of the desired results. After six weeks, you can go out to shop for new, regular bras because your old regular bras will no longer fit you after the surgery. 


– Avoid strenuous activities

Physical activities during the first six weeks after the breast lift can prolong the recovery period by triggering complications like wound dehiscence, bleeding, infection, and poor wound healing. To avoid a delay in the recovery and speed up the healing of the incisions, patients are required to avoid physically strenuous activities for six weeks after the surgery. You must avoid work and instead take rest so that the incisions can heal quickly. After two weeks, you may resume work, but make sure to take more time off work if your job involves physical activities that can apply pressure to the breasts. Also, keep in mind to avoid physical activities like weightlifting, exercises, jogging, jumping, etc., for six weeks post-surgery. Doing so will play a critical role in speeding up the recovery process. After six weeks, you can resume your physical activities. However, make sure to return to your routine activities gradually and not abruptly. 


– Avoid pressure on the breasts

Any pressure or strain applied to the breasts can delay the recovery process considerably. After the breast lift, the patient must avoid sleeping on her front as it can apply pressure to the breasts and trigger wound splitting. When the incisions split open, it can lead to excessive bleeding and infection. As a result of the incision opening and infection, the recovery period will be prolonged. If you want to recover quickly after the surgery, you must avoid any activity that can strain the breasts. 


– Take the prescribed medications

After the breast lift, the plastic surgeon will prescribe medications. For example, you may get a prescription for pain medications and antibiotics. Make sure to take the prescription medicines on time and according to the instructions of the plastic surgeon. If you have a weak immune system, the plastic surgeon will prescribe antibiotics to ward off possible infections. 

If you don’t take the prescription medicines, it can affect the recovery process. For example, if an infection occurs, it can cause other problems that will require more treatments. As a result, the recovery process will be longer. To recovery quickly, you must follow the surgeon’s instructions and take your medicines on time and according to the instructions provided by the surgeon.


– Food and hydration

Your nutrition after the breast lift plays a vital role in speeding up the recovery process. There are many foods that you will be required to avoid during the recovery process. These include fatty nutrition like junk foods. Instead, you should eat food rich in vitamin C, calcium, protein, minerals, and fibers. You can find these nutrients in foods like vegetables, fruits, and meat. These nutrients aid in healing the incisions and reducing the swelling after the breast lift. 

Secondly, you should drink enough water so that your body is hydrated. When your body is hydrated, your skin will stay in shape, and enough blood and nutrients will be supplied to the incisions that will help them heal. As a result, your recovery process will be faster. 


– Avoid smoking

Smoking tends to affect and delay the recovery process. Smoking reduces blood supply to the incisions and can even trigger blood clotting. As a result, your recovery will be delayed and complications may also arise. To recover quickly and safely after the breast lift, the surgeon will advise you to stop smoking at least two weeks before the surgery and avoid it during the recovery process. Be sure to follow this advice of your plastic surgeon.



The breast lift is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures in the United States. Hundreds of thousands of women with saggy breasts undergo the procedure each year to enhance their breasts. The surgery involves tightening of the separated breast muscles through incisions on the breasts, removal of the excess skin, and repositioning of the nipples. One of the questions that many patients ask is that how they can make the recovery process quicker after the breast lift. I have discussed above the most effective ways to speed up the recovery process.

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