How to sustain the beauty of your breasts after surgery

How to sustain the beauty of your breasts after surgery

13th Mar 2020


Breast enhancement procedures are popular not only in the United States but all over the world nowadays. Women from around the globe have found a real ally in plastic surgery that can help them achieve the breasts of their dreams. The procedures developed to enhance the breasts are now safer than ever and also more affordable. In the United States, we can achieve spectacular results with breast augmentation, provided that the procedures are performed by an experienced, talented, board-certified plastic surgeon. 

Getting the breasts of your dreams is a process that starts with selecting the plastic and meeting him for the pre-operative consultation and ends a year after with the final assessment of the results. 

It is important to know that patients need to put in efforts and dedication to sustain the beauty of the breasts after surgery. So, what you should do to ensure you enjoy beautiful breasts for as long as possible?


–    Follow the advice of the plastic surgeon

To get the best results possible, it is essential to follow the instructions of the plastic surgeon to the letter. This means no smoking for three to six weeks after the procedure, no sleeping on the tummy, no intense pressure on the breasts, and wearing the special post-op bra or sports bra non-stop for a minimum of three weeks after the procedure. 

–    Avoid weight fluctuations

Weight fluctuations can damage the beautiful results. Losing weight can lead to saggy breasts, while gaining weight can also lead to a certain level of breast ptosis. 

–    Avoid an ulterior pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the reasons why the appearance of the breasts changes in the first place, so it should be avoided after a breast enhancement procedure. 

–    Avoid exercising without a proper sports bra on

Undergoing a breast enhancement procedure doesn’t mean that you can go braless from now on. Actually, it is the other way around. Your new breasts need support and a certain level of compression, and you can only find this is in a good quality sports bra. Make sure to wear one every time you perform physical exercises or activities. 

–    Always wear a bra that is supportive and fits

Wearing a bra that is not in your size or not supportive enough can lead to breast sagginess and an unappealing appearance. Make sure to invest in a good quality bra that fits you well. 

–    Have a healthy and balanced diet

The external things we can do to ensure the beauty of the breasts are not enough. We also need to have a healthy and balanced diet if we want to sustain the aesthetic results achieved with the procedure. 

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