How to use butt augmentation to contour the lower part of the body

How to use butt augmentation to contour the lower part of the body

12th Feb 2018

There are numerous body contouring procedures that have been found effective in improving some parts of our human anatomy. This is good news for those who desire to correct the imperfections and lack of an aesthetic feature in their bodies, they now have the option to undergo plastic surgery to achieve their goal of getting an enhanced figure.

The buttock, which is formed by gluteal muscles posterior to the hips, easily become loose, saggy and flat because it is affected by aging, gravity, genetics, medications, illnesses and accidents. To many women, the condition of their rear highly affects their overall aesthetic appearance that many patients turn to plastic surgery procedures to restore the youthfulness of their lower bodies.

Many patients resort to buttock augmentation to contour their butts because the procedure is a very effective way to sculpt the rear ends. It can be done by using buttock implants, which can effectively add projection to the butts, or fat grafting, which can contour not only the butts, but also the abdomen, sides, flanks, thighs, hips, and other fat donor and recipient sites.

Contouring your lower body with butt augmentation

For women nowadays, the lower part of their anatomy, the buttocks and hips, defines their physical attractiveness. One is considered physically attractive if she has bigger and shapely butts, wide hips and small waist, so having a set of flatter butts and smaller hips has a negative effect on the physical beauty of women.

The buttock augmentation surgery is the intervention that will help you achieve your aesthetic goals if your buttocks do not conform to the norms of physical attractiveness. The desirable qualities of the lower body can be attained by doing a buttock implant surgery, fat grafting (fat transfer) procedure or combination of both.

Buttock implants: The buttock implant surgery is an effective way to improve the volume of your rear. It is the placement of a prosthetic device called implant into your butt to increase its size . The implant is made of semi-solid silicone material that is highly durable and flexible and is inserted through an incision in the buttock under general anesthesia.

Since buttock implants come in sizes and shapes, it is necessary to choose the correct implants with greater care because the size and shape of the prosthetics will determine the contour of your lower body so you will not end up with a botched bottom if you get the largest implant. You should listen to your plastic surgeon in choosing the implant size and shape because the surgeon will examine and evaluate your lower body to determine the suitable dimensions and make the recommendation.

Fat transfer: The fat transfer surgery, on the other hand, is conducted by injecting the extracted body fat from other parts of your body into your buttocks to make it shapely and sexy. This procedure provides flexibility in contouring of the body since there will be removal of stubborn fat deposits from other areas of your body, such as the abdomen, sides, back and thighs. As a result, the procedure contours not only your butts but also the fat donor sites.

If there is a requirement for flexibility in butt augmentation, fat transfer can be done because your surgeon can inject the fat in your buttocks carefully to make sure that the local areas will be properly sculpted and result in a round and voluptuous set of butts. Aside from getting augmented buttocks with natural appearance and movement, the fat transfer procedure is relatively safer.

Combo procedure – Butt implants and fat transfer: A combination of butt implants with fat graft is also be performed to make the lower body well-contoured. In this procedure, the butt implants are inserted into the buttocks, and the extracted fat is injected to enhance the shape of the resulting bottom.

The fat transfer is done as a finishing procedure after the insertion of the butt implants, to properly contour and attain voluptuous curves and shapes. This combination is very effective and the results are impressive, it also makes the butts appear rounder, natural, and sexy.

Importance of the surgeon’s experience and skills

A buttock augmentation procedure is a major surgery procedure so it is very important to choose a highly experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to undertake the procedure. Since the surgery is done with the objective of improving the shape of the buttocks, the plastic surgeon’s eye for beauty is essential because the surgeon must undertake contouring and sculpting of your body, that an ordinary practitioner may not be able to understand your aesthetic goals. Contouring of the human body requires not only surgical techniques and medical knowledge but also artistic skills and a sense of aesthetics.


Buttock augmentation is a very effective plastic surgery procedure to contour the lower part of the human body. The two methods that can be done to attain a sculpted rear are: inserting of buttock implants and fat grafting. In some cases, a combination of the two methods is done to augment and shape your buttocks. Also, it is very important to choose a licensed plastic surgeon who has an expertise in butt augmentation surgery to perform the intervention.

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