How weight loss and aging affect butt size

How weight loss and aging affect butt size

14th Sep 2019



The aesthetic features of the buttocks play a vital role in setting your body outline and establishing your self-esteem. The buttocks are among the most critical cosmetic areas of the female body. Women are extremely sensitive when it comes to the size of their buttocks. Fuller and bigger buttocks make you look more feminine, fertile, and physically beautiful. Smaller or flatter buttocks do the opposite. This is the reason why many women desire to have bigger and fuller booties.

Many factors affect the size of the buttocks over time. Some of these factors are genetic, others a natural process, and others are external factors. Weight loss and aging are two dominant factors that affect the size of the buttocks. The buttocks are made primarily of fat and muscles. As you age and when you experience weight loss, the fat in the buttocks get affected, which leads to shrinkage in your butt size.


How weight loss affects butt size

Fat makes up a major portion of the buttocks, and it plays an essential part in maintaining the size of the buttocks. Women with more fat in their buttocks have bigger, sexy, and voluptuous backsides. On the other hand, women with a lower level of fat get smaller or flatter buttocks. The fat in your buttocks is the same and develops or shrinks in the same way as the fat in any other area of your body. As such, weight loss affects the fat composition in your buttocks in the same manner as it does to the fat in other parts of your body.

When you experience massive weight loss, it will shrink the fat in your buttocks. As such, your buttocks will decrease in size. And if the weight loss is continuous, it can cause the fat cells in your buttocks to liquefy, meaning it would then be difficult to get back your bigger buttocks through weight gain. However, if the weight loss is short-lived, weight gain can help restore your butt size to a considerable extent.

Weight loss will not only decrease your butt size but also trigger other aesthetic problems like the development of saggy buttocks. When the fat content in the buttocks decreases, it creates a vacuum in the buttocks. As a result, the skin becomes loose and the buttocks look saggy, flatter, and smaller. 


How aging affects butt size

Aging is yet another powerful factor that affects the aesthetics of the buttocks. Aging also decreases buttock size. The female buttocks start to become more prominent, shapelier, sensual, and sexy when they reach puberty. This happens because hormonal changes occur in the female body. At puberty, a female starts to become fertile and ready for sex and to conceive and give birth to babies. The size of the buttocks and widening of the hips are the indicators of fertility and femininity. When a female’s buttocks become bigger, it emphasizes her femininity. 

Now, the question is: what causes the female buttocks to grow and become bigger? Well, it has to do with hormonal changes in the body. A hormone called estrogen defines female sexuality, fertility, and femininity. When a girl becomes young, the estrogen level surges in the body. A higher estrogen level in the female body causes the excess fat in the body to store in the buttocks because the buttocks and hips play essential roles in a female’s sexuality and makes sexual intercourse pleasant for both the woman and her partner. 

Men mostly get attracted to younger women and want to mate with them because of their physical features and self-esteem. The size of the buttocks plays a crucial part in defining the self-esteem of women. Men prefer to have sexual intercourse with women who have more significant and prominent buttocks and wider hips because it subtly shows that the female is more fertile and can easily produce better offspring. 

Your body’s estrogen level is higher when you are young. However, as you age, the estrogen level naturally and gradually decreases. A female can tell this by feeling a decrease in her sex drive. However, the reduction in estrogen level that comes with age affects the buttocks. When the estrogen decreases in the female body, the fat starts to be stored in the abdomen, sides, flanks, and upper body areas, instead of the buttocks. As a result of this phenomenon, the buttocks decrease in size.  


Options to improve your butt size

If your buttock size has decreased as a result of aging, weight loss, or any other factor, you may be experiencing self-esteem issues. Many women face problems in life due to aesthetic flaws in the body, especially the buttocks. When the buttocks become smaller or flatter, it makes you look less feminine and less fertile. A smaller butt size also affects your overall body outline and other physical features in negative ways. 

If you are experiencing different problems due to the smaller size of your buttocks, you may consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss treatment options. Keep in mind that much-hyped, non-invasive methods of butt augmentation like pills, creams, lotions, and exercises do not deliver quick and impressive results. Only plastic surgery options are the reliable, effective, tested, and proven methods to augment the buttocks in a shorter period of time. 

The plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks, assess your health, and know your goals before recommending you a particular treatment option. The two buttock augmentation procedures are:


Butt implant surgery

The plastic surgeon may recommend you buttock implant surgery if your buttocks are smaller and you want to get large and voluptuous buttocks. As the name suggests, this procedure involves the use of external implants to augment your backside. The Butt implant are made of semi-solid silicone material. The implants are durable with robust construction. 

Buttock implants come in different sizes. The plastic surgeon will examine your buttocks, take precise measurements, and know your goals before telling you as to what implant size is suitable for you. Ideally, the size of the implants should accentuate your body outline and fit well into your booty. 

Butt implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia, administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. The plastic surgeon will then place incisions the buttocks. In most cases, the incisions are placed in the division between the two buttocks. The doctor will then insert the implants inside the buttocks and the place them in the pocket created under, within, or over the butt muscle. Once the implants are in place, the plastic surgeon will suture and close the incisions.

Your recovery will begin immediately after the surgery and will carry on for many weeks. The results of the operation will become visible once the post-operative swelling has disappeared and the incisions have healed. This can take many weeks to happen. When the results transpire, your buttocks will become more prominent, sensual, and sexy. It will also improve your body outline and self-esteem. 


Fat transfer to the buttocks

If you want to make your buttocks shapelier and add mild projection to them, the plastic surgeon will recommend fat transfer surgery. Fat transfer is relatively safer than butt implant surgery, and the results are entirely natural because it does not involve the use of foreign objects like implants. Instead, it uses the excess fat available in your body to augment your booty. What this means is that you need to have excess, unwanted fat in your body to qualify for this surgery. 

During the pre-operative consultation, the doctor will examine your buttocks and identify the fat donor sites in your body to determine your candidacy for this procedure. The surgery can be performed under IV sedation with local anesthesia or under general anesthesia. The doctor will start the operation by making a tiny incision on the fat donor site and then performing liposuction on the area to remove the excess fat. The incision is then sutured and closed. The same process is repeated for each donor site until enough fat is collected for transfer to your buttocks.

After removing the fat, the surgeon will spin it in a centrifuge for purification purposes. Once the fat is purified, the doctor will carefully pick each fat cell with a special needle and then inject it into your buttock. As a result, your butt will become shapelier and projected. The results take months to emerge entirely.



While the buttocks hold an important place in defining your femininity and physical beauty, they are subject to different changes. Aging and weight loss are two dominant factors that take a toll on the aesthetic features of the buttocks. In this article, I have discussed how weight loss and aging affect the size of the buttocks. I have also explained as to what can you do to get bigger or projected buttocks if your buttocks are smaller or flatter. 


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