How well does breast reduction work?

How well does breast reduction work?

01st Sep 2019


Women with overly large breasts are not always happy to carry such a burden, so they often resort to the plastic surgery procedure available nowadays to correct the excessive volume of the breasts. The procedure is called breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty and can be performed on patients of all ages, as long as they don’t have any contraindications to the procedure and they have completed the development of the mammary gland. Breast reduction is a complex plastic surgery procedure that is mostly performed to provide increased functionality and more freedom to move for women who find it difficult to engage in any type of physically demanding activity due to the large volume of the breasts. 

When considering breast reduction, people don’t really know what to expect. Many times, people believe that it is just the skin envelope of the breasts that will be corrected during the procedure. But in reality, the procedure has an effect mainly on the glandular tissue of the breasts and only after on the skin envelope.

When breast reduction is performed, the plastic surgeon will make incisions on the breasts and detach the skin from the breast tissues. The part of the glandular tissue that is in excess will be eliminated, and the nipple and areola complex is dimensioned and repositioned. In other words, the patient will have smaller breasts as a result of the elimination of the glandular tissue that was in excess. 

Breast reduction works fine on patients with mammary hypertrophy and is actually the only efficient method to correct the excessive volume of the breasts. There are no massage techniques, physical exercises or diets that can be effective in reducing the size of the breasts, and this is exactly the reason why the recommendation is to undergo the procedure as soon as possible in the patient’s life to avoid developing complications due to overly large breasts. 

During the initial consultation, there are many patients who ask whether the breast tissue that is removed will grow back in time. The glandular tissue that was excised can’t grow back; however, if the patient didn’t complete the development of the mammary gland at the time of the procedure, there is a possibility for the breasts to grow a little more after the surgery. This doesn’t mean that the tissue is regenerating, but that breast development is still taking course. Another case in which the patient might notice an increase of the breasts after undergoing the procedure is if a pregnancy occurs. During pregnancy, the breasts are affected by the hormonal changes that take place in the body and hence their volume might change again. This is the reason why the plastic surgeon will ask you to consider the surgery after you are done having children. 


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