How will my breast lift scar look like?

How will my breast lift scar look like?

02nd Sep 2018

Breast lift surgery can greatly help a woman to achieve more attractive breasts. This is because the droopiness of the breast is corrected. Some women go to their surgeon thinking they want a breast augmentation. In the end, through the help of their surgeon, they realize that all they need is a breast lift procedure.
A breast lift procedure is a major kind of surgery, and it results in a scar. The appearance of the scar that the patient gets after they heal from the surgery will depend on what kind of breast lift surgery they get and how their wounds heal. Some women do not develop keloid scars while others do. The type of scar you develop will depend on your body and how it reacts to having damages on the skin.
With regard to the size and shape of the scar, there are three options. A patient can develop a scar around the areola; a lollipop-shaped scar, or a scar that looks like an inverted T. The shape of the scar will depend on the type of lift a woman gets and the type of lift will depend on the degree of sagging the breasts have.
The scar around the nipple, also known as the Benelli scar, is the least obvious scar. This can only be used on patients who require small breast lifts. These are women who have slightly sagging breasts. In this kind of breast lift, only a small amount of skin is removed to move the areola upwards successfully.
The lollipop-shaped scar or the vertical scar results from a breast lift procedure that corrects mild sagging of the breasts. Aside from the scar around the areola, there is a vertical scar attached to it. With this kind of scar, you can expect that the surgery can lift the breast more than the one that results in a Benelli scar. Excess skin around the areola can be removed to form a perkier breast.
Lastly, the inverted T scar is produced when the breast lift needed by the patient is extensive. The technique that results in this kind of scar is capable of significantly lifting the breast. It is used for those who have very droopy and sagging breasts. This kind of technique is also referred to as the “gold standard” for breast lift surgeries.
There are also some who offer a scar-less lift. This kind of breast lift doesn’t leave a scar on the breasts but a scar forms on the entry point, which is near the collar bones. This surgery makes use of surgical threads that theoretically lift the breast. Although there are only tiny scars on the collar bone, many are not advised to get such procedure. It is the least effective of all the breast lift procedures.
The type of scar that a woman ends up with is not the way to select the breast lift that she gets. This will still depend on the type of breast lift the woman needs. The surgeons can help determine the degree of sagging and the type of surgery needed to produce the best results.

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