How will my breasts look after removing the implants?

How will my breasts look after removing the implants?

13th Feb 2018

Breast augmentation surgery is preferred by many women nowadays as it can correct small breasts that are not harmonious with the rest of the patient’s body. Having small breasts can create a serious emotional complex for women. Often, women with small breasts will try to hide this imperfection under loose clothes and avoid situations when they need to wear lingerie or a swimsuit.

The only method to correct small breasts is to undergo surgery and get implants. Choosing the right type of implant is essential for the success of the procedure and also to avoid complications. The plastic surgeon must guide the patient in selecting implants that are suitable for her body type and frame. During the pre-operative consultation, the plastic surgeon should perform exact measurements and give the patient a minimum and maximum range for the volume of the implants. If the plastic surgeon is not experienced enough or if the patient insists on getting implants that are much bigger than what is actually recommended for her anatomy, complications can occur.

And by complications, we don’t mean necessarily medical complications, but also a discomfort associated with having huge breasts. For a petite patient with a small body frame to end up carrying close to 2000 cc of liquid on the chest after breast augmentation can turn out to be quite a struggle. Getting breast implants that are too big is one of the most common causes of implant removal.

Some patients believe that breast augmentation surgery doesn’t leave behind permanent marks if they decide to explant later. This is not true. The implants stretch the tissues of the breasts. This means that if you take the implants off, chances are your breasts will never look the same as before, especially if you had big implants or had them inside the breasts for a considerable period of time. At the same time, a certain level of sagginess might also occur.

My recommendation for most patients who are unhappy with their implants is not to explant, but to replace the implants with a pair more suitable for their body type. Many women think the only solution is to get rid of the implants, but they should know that the right type of implant can make a tremendous difference in terms of feel and sensation.

If the decision is to remove the implants permanently, make sure to choose an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon to play out the procedure. A breast lift might need to be performed when removing the implants.

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