How will my butt feel after implants are inserted?

How will my butt feel after implants are inserted?

07th Aug 2019


Many people are not aware of the fact that butt implants bear little similarity with breast implants. Over time we have seen patients coming in for a second opinion after having implants inserted into their buttocks outside the United States, and they were all complaining that their buttocks don’t feel normal. If you have ever heard a patient of butt implant surgery complaining about buttocks feeling not very natural, it often means that they didn’t have the surgery performed by an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon or the implants used are low quality or not even butt implants at all.

To get a better idea about how your buttocks will feel after implants are inserted, you need to understand both the anatomy of the buttocks and what gluteal implants are made of. Unlike breast implants, manufacturers of butt implants use a highly cohesive silicone that is in a gel form, not liquid. The silicone implants look more like a chunk of silicone than a bag filled with silicone. So, the consistency of butt implants is very different compared to breast implants which are soft and smooth. Good quality implants are made to replicate the feel of the tissues where they are inserted. This means that gluteal implants will feel more like the butt while breast implants will resemble the soft tissues of the breasts. One thing that is similar for both types of implants is that after being inserted into the body, the implants will stretch the tissues in the area, hence the buttocks will feel tight. This sensation is normal and natural for the first few days after the procedure and can be experienced by the patient either as discomfort or pain. Simple analgesic medication and lots of patience will make it better. 

The buttocks are formed from muscular tissue, fat tissue, and skin while the breasts are made of glandular tissue, fat, and skin. Muscular tissue has a different texture and consistency compared to mammary gland tissue, and this will be reflected in the consistency of gluteal implants. In other words, gluteal implants will feel like touching hard, toned muscles. 

After the final results, the butt will look perky with an impressive projection and upper part volume and will feel like toned muscles. If the patient desires to make the butt look softer, this is also possible with the help of an additional fat transfer to the buttocks. The fat has a different consistency compared to the muscle tissue, so adding fat at the same time while inserting the implants can make the results of butt augmentation look more natural and for the buttocks to feel less firm if this is the aesthetic goal of the patient. 


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