How will my butt implants feel?

How will my butt implants feel?

30th Jan 2014

Buttock implants are a popular choice in procedures for women, mainly because of the way they can completely change your shape. A rounder, firmer and more lifted backside is something that most women want and can now get with implant surgery. A common question asked before the procedure however, is if the implants will hurt. Will you be able to sit properly right away? Will you ever get used to feeling the implants in your body?

When women get breast implants, there is often an adjustment period, but the extra weight generally feels natural – most women have gained some weight at some point and have felt extra weight in their chests. Butt implants however, can be tricky. You’re not used to feeling extra weight or that much extra roundness in your backside and it definitely takes some getting used to.

First, your body must internally adjust to the implants. During surgery, incisions are made to insert the implants. These cut through skin and deep tissue inside the body. Afterwards, your body needs to heal by regrowing this tissue over the new implant. This process takes a few months, but normal activity can be slowly resumed after about 6-8 weeks. But just because the ‘recovery’ is over, doesn’t mean you will feel just right yet. It takes a while to rebuild the muscle there, and on top of that, you must adjust to having a rounder bottom. Most patients report that it takes them at least year to feel completely ‘normal’ again – as if the implants are a natural part of their physique.

Although it takes to get used, patients also report feeling great after the adjustment period with an increased confidence and positive self-image. All changes take getting used to, but once you adjust, the benefits are all worth it!

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