How will weight gain and aging affect the breasts after breast reduction?

How will weight gain and aging affect the breasts after breast reduction?

28th Jan 2018

The breast reduction procedure can significantly improve the shape, size, and firmness of the breasts. The procedure often also corrects breast ptosis and breast asymmetries. Breast reduction procedure comes at a price though: permanent marks that can be more or less visible depending on the skill of the plastic surgeon and the patient’s tendency to scarring.

For a vast majority of patients, the potential risks and complications associated with the procedure are outnumbered by the obvious benefits that come along. The patient won’t have to deal with constant back, neck and shoulder pain, the skin conditions that occur on the inframammary fold can be treated, and the patient will enjoy having a more proportionate and harmonious body. Self-esteem and self-confidence also get a boost after the procedure is performed.

However, patients interested in undergoing the procedure should be warned that breast reduction surgery can’t prevent later breast ptosis that might occur with aging. Factors such as gravity, ulterior pregnancies, and the natural aging process can affect the results achieved after breast reduction surgery.

It is important to know that after breast reduction surgery, the excised glandular tissue won’t grow again, but maintaining the volumes of the breasts consistently is only up to the patient. This means your breasts can get larger after breast reduction surgery, even if a part of the mammary gland was excised. To understand this, you need to know what are the structures of the breast and what they do.

The breasts have a skin envelope, underlying fat tissue, and the mammary gland. To reduce the size of the breast during breast reduction surgery, the plastic surgeon will eliminate a part of the glandular tissue along with skin and fat tissue when reconstructing the breasts. After the procedure, the glandular tissue won’t suffer significant fluctuations if performed on a patient with fully developed breasts. However, the fat tissue of the breasts can increase its size if weight gain occurs. This means that if you put on weight, your breasts will get bigger as a result of the increase in the volume of fat cells.

When it comes to the natural aging process, you should know that nothing can stop it. Plastic surgery can be performed with the purpose of delaying the occurrence of the signs of aging and even correcting some of these signs. However, no results achieved with plastic surgery can last forever. The breasts are under constant transformation due to hormones and the natural aging process, and this means that if you undergo a breast reduction procedure in your youth, you might need additional interventions later on in life if you want to sustain the amazing results. What happens with the passing of time is breasts becoming saggy and losing their firmness. This issue can be corrected with an ulterior breast lift surgery.

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