How will you look after breast augmentation

How will you look after breast augmentation

17th Oct 2017

Perky boobs, more cleavage, and a sexier silhouette can all be achieved by going through a breast augmentation surgery. But these results don’t instantly appear, your body needs time for it to recover before it can look its best. Remember that breast augmentation is a major surgery and it involves incisions in order to change the appearance of the breasts. Implants are also inserted to make them look bigger. These changes can cause damages that need to be fully healed.

So what should you expect after the surgery? First of all, you should expect to go home in bandages. After you are cleared to go home, you can continue recovery at home with all your bandages still covering your breasts. Some surgeons may also require you to wear a special bra to help with the recovery.

The augmentation would be obvious, and it may seem that your breasts are larger than what you want them to be. There is no need to worry because the swelling can contribute to the breast looking too big. Once the swelling subsides, you will be able to see the final change in the size of your breasts. Along with this, it may also feel tight due to the implants that were inserted. It takes time for your muscles and skin to stretch and get used to it.

Some patients also notice that their breast implants seem to be too high on their chest. This is normal observation, especially for those who just had the surgery. The implants haven’t settled into their right positions yet, and it needs time to do so. Additionally, the high position of the implants can also be affected by the swelling that your breasts have. When the swelling subsides, it would be much easier for the implants to settle in their proper place. You may also notice that one breast is higher than the other. This may be caused by one implant properly settled and the other still at a higher position. The implants may settle at different speeds, but they will eventually fall into their proper places as you heal.

The incision site will also appear fresh. They are sutured, but still obvious at this stage. As you heal, a scar will develop on that area. It is best not to try to see the scar that develops at an early stage so that you also do not stretch out the breast skin. Stretching out the skin can cause a bigger and more obvious scar to develop.

The appearance of your breast at this stage shouldn’t be your main concern because you have to give attention to healing your body first. When your body completely heals, that is the time when you will fully see the effect of the breast augmentation surgery. You just need to patiently wait for it. Soon, you will love the results that you see.


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