I already have butt implants. can i go bigger?

I already have butt implants. can i go bigger?

18th Jul 2019


Implants are commonly used nowadays for augmentation procedures for breasts and buttocks alike. Even if breast implants surgery is the most frequently performed and has a history of more than six decades, butt implant surgery is becoming more and more in demand with each year. The reality is that, just like breasts, there is little a patient can do to increase the size of the buttocks without help from plastic surgery. By resorting to butt implants, the patient can get the buttocks of her dreams in a matter of a few hours, with a hospitalization period of no longer than 12 hours and a recovery period of two to three weeks. 

Choosing the right size and type of butt implants is very important. To make sure you get the implants right, you should focus on finding an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon to play out your procedure and follow his recommendations in terms of size, shape, and placement of the implant. The experience of the plastic surgeon plays an important role in defining the results of a butt augmentation. His recommendation for the type of implants should only come after a thorough examination of the tissues of the buttocks and the patient’s overall anatomy. If the patient fails to choose an experienced plastic surgeon or doesn’t want to take his recommendation in terms of size, chances are there will be unsatisfactory results after the procedure. 

There are also patients who start the journey of getting a bigger butt with preconceived ideas such that a big implant will make it impossible for them to sit down. If the implants are chosen according to the plastic surgeon’s recommendations, this will never be the case. This brings us to the question: “I already have butt implants. Can I go bigger?”

The answer to this question is different from patient to patient. For patients who have implants that are already in proportion with the rest of their anatomy and as per the plastic surgeon’s recommendation, the advice would be not to explant and go bigger as complications can be triggered. At the same time, for patients who have implants that are not suitable for their anatomy and the augmentation achieved is minor and not very visible, they could go for a consultation to check if bigger implants can be inserted. Keep in mind that the size of implants that can be used is also dependent on the initial tissues of the buttocks. If you don’t have enough tissue to cover the implants properly, their edges could become visible. If you have adipose tissue in other areas of the body, the plastic surgeon might also recommend getting fat transfer to the buttocks instead of removing and replacing the implants with bigger ones. Schedule a consultation with the plastic surgeon today to find out what would be the suitable option for your particular case.  


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