I had fat transferred before. Can I get implants too?

I had fat transferred before. Can I get implants too?

09th Jul 2021

It is not uncommon for patients to resort to more than one procedure on the buttocks until achieving the desired results. It can be difficult to envisage the change in the buttocks that can be expected after the surgery, so it can happen for patients to want something else once the final results transpire. This is not good or bad, and in some cases, it just can’t be avoided. For example, it can happen for patients to want to get a fat transfer and implants after. 

Fat transfer is preferred by many patients as it is a less invasive procedure, delivering superb, natural results and associated with minimal risks and complications. Fat transfer to the buttocks is actually a three-step procedure combining liposuction on the donor areas, fat purification, and then fat reinjection into the buttocks. Each stage needs to be performed to the highest standards to ensure good results. 

After fat transfer, patients will notice that in the first two to three months post-op, the size of their buttocks will actually decrease. This is natural and nothing to be worried about. The plastic surgeon will inject a maximum of one liter of fat in each buttock if the patient has about six to seven liters of fat in the donor areas. But not all the fat that is injected will remain in the butt. About 30% or even more will be reabsorbed by the body in the first months post-op. The rest of the fat cells will develop a new blood network, and this will ensure their survival in the buttocks permanently. However, losing just 30% of the fat injected is a good case scenario and only valid for patients who are committed to following the rules and instructions of the plastic surgeon. Otherwise, the percentage of fat cells left in the butt after the first two months can be much smaller. 

Another reason why patients choose to undergo fat transfer to the buttocks is because they are also enthralled by the idea of getting rid of unwanted fat tissue from different areas of the body. However, the results achieved with fat transfer are not comparable with the results of butt implant surgery.

Butt implant surgery delivers more impressive results and a considerable increase in the projection of the buttocks. This is the reason why some patients will be interested in getting butt implants after getting fat transferred. An experienced plastic surgeon will tell you that it is preferable to get implants at the same time with the fat transferred to the buttocks. This way, you save some of the costs involved in undergoing multiple procedures and also benefit from spectacular results after just one recovery period.

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