I want a full c cup. what can i do?

I want a full c cup. what can i do?

06th Nov 2018

You’re an A or B cup in bra size and you’re not dreaming of the breasts of Pamela Anderson, but just a full C cup. Maybe you have already tried massaging your breasts for hours or strenuous physical exercises at the gym and you have seen no improvement in breast size. Don’t be surprised by this, as plastic surgery is the most efficient and also the only real method of achieving more voluminous breasts with an attractive shape.

There are two procedures that can be performed to increase the size of the breasts, and these are breast implant surgery and fat transfer to the breasts. Due to the major benefits provided both physically and emotionally, breast augmentation surgery is one of the most requested aesthetic surgeries both nationwide and worldwide.

About the breast augmentation procedure

Knowing in detail all aspects involved in this procedure is an important factor in the case you are interested in. It is necessary to know details about the technologies used, the operative steps, and the recovery period.

The breast augmentation procedure addresses women of different ages who have small breasts. Also, it is recommended for all women who desire an improved appearance of the breasts by increasing their volume. With the help of this procedure, we can correct breast asymmetries and even breast ptosis, commonly known as sagginess of the breasts.

When thinking about a full C cup, many women don’t realize they might need a lift performed together with the augmentation. Small breasts are not exempt from developing mammary ptosis, especially if the patient underwent significant weight fluctuations or had multiple pregnancies. The full C cup is associated with big, round and perky breasts that have a natural position on the chest wall.

When performing the breast augmentation with implants, the plastic surgeon will start with an incision that can be placed either around the areolas, in the inframammary fold, or trans-axillary. A pocket is created inside the breasts behind or in front of the pectoral muscle or in a position in between called the dual plane. The breast implants are inserted into the pocket and the surgical wounds are sutured.

For breasts with an initial moderate size, a fat transfer to the breasts can be enough to achieve the desired C cup. Of course, the procedure provides better results when no sagginess is present or it is just a minor one. Fat transfer to the breasts starts with a liposuction performed on the donor areas from where fat will be extracted. Once the necessary amount of fat is collected, it goes through a complex purification process that will filter only pure and healthy fat cells for the transfer. The transfer is performed by using small cannulas that inject the fat in different areas of the breasts and at different depths. Keep in mind that if your desire is to have upper pole fullness, chances are you will need to use implants.

The fat transfer to the breasts can only be performed on patients who have unwanted adipose tissue in other areas of the body as we can only use the patient’s own fat for the transfer.

In some cases, when we need to correct the size, shape, and consistency of the breasts, we can combine the two methods of implants and fat transfer. In a vast majority of cases, this combination of procedures will provide superior aesthetic results.

Many patients are surprised by the results that are visible immediately after the procedure as the breasts seem much bigger than a C cup. This is completely normal. When it comes to breast implant surgery, the implants will be high on the chest immediately after the surgery, sometimes even giving the appearance of a bodybuilder’s body. However, this is not how your breasts will look in the end. The implants need time to settle in their final position which should be lower on the chest. Moreover, there is a certain amount of swelling that occurs naturally after the surgical procedure that might give you the impression that the breasts are much bigger than what you asked for. Don’t worry about this as the swelling will subside over the following weeks or months and the breast implants will descend. In some cases, the plastic surgeon might even advise you to put on a belt over the upper part of the breasts to help them settle into their final position sooner.

As for fat transfer, your breasts will also be bigger after the procedure. When we use fat transfer, a certain amount of the fat injected will be reabsorbed by the body. The quantity can be up to 30 or 40% of the amount transferred. This means that your plastic surgeon will need to transfer more fat to provide you with better chances of achieving the desired augmentation in one session. The excess fat will be absorbed by the body within the first three months following the procedure, so this is the time when you can assess the final results of your augmentation.


If you want a full C cup, the only real solution you have and also the one that will provide permanent results comes from plastic surgery. Depending on the expected results after the procedure and the patient’s anatomy and current mammary tissue, the plastic surgeon will recommend implants, fat transfer, or even a combination of these two procedures. Keep in mind that for the fat transfer to be possible, the patient needs to have areas of the body with adipose fat tissue. These areas will be donor areas from where fat will be collected.

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