I want a rounder, bigger butt. What can I do?

I want a rounder, bigger butt. What can I do?

21st May 2021

The fascination with big buttocks is obvious as they are stare at us from TVs, from the cover of magazines, and even when we go to the supermarket. Because so many celebrities have become a part of the big booty trend and because curves are without a doubt incredibly sexy, more and more people are resorting to plastic surgery to enhance their rear ends. 

“I want a rounder, bigger butt, what can I do?” is a question we often hear in practice. Patients schedule their pre-operative consultation for butt enhancement with one goal in mind: to get a bigger butt. This is when the plastic surgeon will need to ask additional questions and also perform a physical examination on your body to determine what would be the indicated procedure for your particular case.

There are two procedures performed for butt augmentation: via implants and fat transfer. Fat transfer to the buttocks is also known as the Brazilian butt lift or fat grafting to the buttocks. The procedure entails the use of the patient’s own fat resources to add more volume to the buttocks. This procedure is an optimal surgical plan for many patients interested in a moderate augmentation of the buttocks and a remodeling of the shape of the buttocks. The procedure is especially recommended for patients who want an overall improvement in the buttocks as fat will be injected in different parts of the butt and at different depths to ensure its survival. Fat transfer to the butt is a procedure with minimal risks and complications. 

Probably the most significant risk is not getting the desired results. To minimize this risk, the recommendation is to choose a plastic surgeon who is talented, experienced, and board-certified. Also, like any other plastic surgery procedure, it is also important to listen and follow the recommendations of the plastic surgeon. Not sitting on the buttocks is essential for the success of your procedure.

For patients who don’t qualify as they don’t have enough fat in donor areas, there is another procedure that can be performed. If breast augmentation surgery with implants is among the two most performed procedures in the United States, butt implant surgery is in sixth place.

The procedure that will be recommended to help you get a rounder and bigger butt is dependent on your initial anatomical characteristics and the aesthetic expectations you have. If you want a considerable enhancement, butt implants are the way to go. For an improved overall shape of the buttocks, fat transfer might be a suitable surgical plan.

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