I want smaller nipples and areolas

I want smaller nipples and areolas

18th Dec 2018

Cosmetic surgery has provided us a way to improve different parts of our body. One of them is correcting large nipples and areolas. Although people won’t see these parts of the body at all times, many of those who have them still feel very conscious about them.

Do you think your areola and nipples are larger than normal? Do you wish you can do something about them to make them smaller? Larger nipples and areola both affect how the breasts look.

There are different reasons why you can develop larger nipples and areola, and no matter what the reason is, it can make your breast look asymmetric. Reduction or altering the shape of the nipples and areola is possible through surgery. In some cases, patients only have the surgery done on one of their breasts because only one breast is affected by overly large nipples and areola.

The average size of a female’s areola is said to be 38.1 mm in diameter. Although that is the average size, it may not be the size your surgeon would advise you to have. Surgeons can talk to you and help you decide the size and shape of the nipples and areola to match your breasts naturally.

The surgery starts with the administration of anesthesia. After that, an incision is made around the areola or nipples. It is possible for excess tissue to be removed to adjust the size. It will then be sutured and dressed.

It is important to remember that this surgery would result in scarring. The scar will usually be hidden or disguised at the edge of the nipple or areola. It is still possible for much scarring to occur depending on how the body of the patient naturally forms scars.

This surgery can be used to remedy various conditions of your nipples and areola including the following:

–   Wide and large areolas

–   Irregularly shaped areolas

–   Droopy nipples

Just like any other surgical procedure, it is advised for patients to refrain from doing strenuous activities. It is also expected for some swelling, bruising, and numbness to occur.

Due to the incision made, some of the nerves would be cut and damaged because of the procedure. It takes time for them to heal fully and it is possible for patients to feel oversensitivity or numbness in the area because of it.

This surgery makes use of local anesthesia because it only deals with a small area. The local anesthesia is enough, which is why you won’t expect nausea and vomiting after the surgery.

The reduction of the nipples and the areola can both be done at the same time in a breast reduction or breast augmentation surgery. This is because the incision site is the same and both procedures need to suture the nipple or areola area to close the wound.


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