I want to replace my butt implants with bigger ones

I want to replace my butt implants with bigger ones

07th Feb 2020


When it comes to getting plastic surgery to enhance the appearance of the buttocks, it can be difficult for the patient to envisage the end results or how she would feel after getting implants. The size and type of gluteal implants to be used are chosen together with the plastic surgeon or at his recommendations. What happens is that the plastic surgeon performs extensive measurements on the patient and then asks about the goals and expectations the patient has from the surgery. After these details are clear, the surgeon will recommend a minimum and a maximum for the volume of the implants, and he might also advise about a particular volume of the type of implants to be used. The recommendations are given with the aim of helping the patient achieve natural results and also avoiding significant complications. Some patients will choose to go to the minimum of what the plastic surgeon has recommended while others will want to reach the maximum volume possible.

It can happen for patients wanting to replace the implants with bigger ones. This can happen many years after the procedure, or immediately after the results are visible. Patients who have had implants for a longer period of time might want to increase the size of their buttocks even more and do so after a few years since getting the initial implants. This is not a bad idea, especially if you had the implants long ago and they are of an old generation. Also, keep in mind that the plastic surgeon should back up your desire for bigger implants. If the plastic surgeon advises you not to go up, it is better to follow his recommendation if you want to avoid complications.

For patients who are just noticing now the results, they can realize they actually wanted their buttocks to be larger. This can happen especially if the patient didn’t communicate efficiently with the plastic surgeon during the pre-operative consultation or if the patient was a bit reluctant to choose a size for implants out of fear it would be too much or the results would look unnatural.

Replacing the implants with bigger ones is certainly an option patients can look into, especially if the plastic surgeon decides it is a good idea. However, keep in mind that you should wait at least eight months (preferably a year) after the initial procedure before replacing your implants with bigger ones. The body needs time to heal after the surgical trauma, and you should first wait to get used to these implants and see how they look after they settle before undergoing a revision procedure. 

Also, it is important to keep in mind that if you want bigger buttocks after the surgery, the plastic surgeon might advise you to keep the implants you have and get a fat transfer to the butt for more volume. 


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