What is the ideal age to undergo plastic surgery?

What is the ideal age to undergo plastic surgery?

30th Apr 2018


The number of people undergoing plastic surgery has never been so unprecedented. Over the last ten years, the number of people undergoing plastic surgery in the US has witnessed a huge boost. Women are particularly sensitive about their aesthetic appearance, and as such, more than 95 percent of people undergoing plastic surgery in the US comprise women.

One of the common questions many first-time patients ask is whether there is an ideal age to undergo plastic surgery. The age requirement for plastic surgery differs from one procedure to another; however, most people who undergo plastic surgery are aged above 30 years. In this article, we’ll discuss what the ideal age to undergo plastic surgery is.


The importance of the ideal age to undergo plastic surgery

Aging is a powerful factor that changes the aesthetic appearance of the human body. We cannot prevent aging from affecting our bodies. When pregnancy and weight changes work in combination with aging, the body’s aesthetic qualities get a serious dent. Saggy abdomen, poorly shaped breasts, a smaller or flatter butt, and stubborn fat pockets in different areas of the body are often the result of aging, pregnancy, genetic factors, and weight changes.

When the body loses its aesthetic attraction, it can affect your quality of life, and you may experience lower self-confidence. In order to restore your youthful appearance, you may consider plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is an effective treatment, which can also restore your self-esteem. However, there are certain factors that should be taken into account when considering plastic surgery. One of those factors is the ideal age to undergo a certain plastic surgery intervention.

There is a minimum age requirement for most plastic surgery procedures, and you will achieve better and safer outcomes with the procedure only if you meet the age requirement. The ideal age to undergo a certain plastic surgery procedure is when you meet the minimum age requirement and have certain aesthetic flaws in your body that are affecting your life in negative ways.

The age requirement for plastic surgery

Typically, there is a minimum age requirement for most plastic surgery procedures. However, there isn’t any maximum age requirement. The fact is that most people seek plastic surgery interventions in their old age so that they can look young. For majority of plastic surgery procedures, the minimum age requirement is 18 years. For others, it is 22 years.

If you are aged above 18 years, the ideal time to undergo plastic surgery is when you feel your aesthetic appearance is not in tune with the modern beauty standards and the condition affects your self-esteem in negative ways. However, there are other factors that come into play when you consider plastic surgery.

For example, you should ideally undergo plastic surgery when your family is complete and you have no plan to get pregnant again. Pregnancy has the tendency to affect your body in negative ways, thereby nullifying the aesthetic improvements achieved via plastic surgery. During pregnancy, your body experiences hormonal changes, which in turn introduce physical changes to your body.

Plastic surgery for teenagers: Teenagers are particularly more image-conscious because of the hormonal changes their bodies go through. They take even trivial aesthetic flaws very seriously, and even some teenagers who are in good appearance think they look aesthetically unappealing. This is all the result of hormonal surges. As such, plastic surgery is performed on teenagers in extremely rare cases.

Also, the body continuously grows and develops during the teenage years. Performing plastic surgery on the body when the body is developing does not deliver good aesthetic results. Your body should be stable in terms of growth in order for you to achieve satisfactory outcomes with plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery for seniors: While there is no harm in undergoing plastic surgery in your 60s and 70s, the risks would be greater for you because aging often affects your overall health. If you have poor health and go under the knife in your old age, the risk of anesthetic reaction and other complications would be relatively greater for you. As such, old patients are required to first get medical clearance from their primary health care provider in order to qualify for plastic surgery.

You should keep in mind that you cannot get the body of a 30-year-old person by undergoing plastic surgery in your 60s or 70s. However, you can get the body of a 40-year-old person by going under the knife in your 60s or 70s. The good news is that plastic surgery is now safer even for seniors, thanks to the innovations in plastic surgery technology and techniques.

When seeking plastic surgery in your old or young age, you must be sure to share your complete medical history with the plastic surgeon. Health issues like diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems, and blood disorders increase the risks for you. Special measures have to be taken to ensure your safety during the surgery if you are suffering from serious health issues.

What is the ideal age for different plastic surgery procedures?

Buttock augmentation: Buttock augmentation is a major surgery that makes your smaller or flatter butt bigger, shapelier, and voluptuous. The ideal age to undergo buttock augmentation is after 18 years of age. If you are aged 18 years and have aesthetic flaws in your butt which is affecting your quality of life, you may consider buttock augmentation.

However, if you are planning to get pregnant, you should postpone your plan to undergo buttock augmentation. Pregnancy affects the results of plastic surgery in negative ways. If the aesthetic flaws in your butt are not affecting your self-esteem, you should avoid undergoing the surgery.

Most patients undergo buttock augmentation in their 30s to 50s. Patients aged above 50 years also undergo the intervention so they can appear youthful and aesthetically appealing. In fact, it is in old age that women need buttock augmentation. The procedure improves the shape of their butt, which in turn enhances their overall physical appearance.

Breast augmentation: Breast augmentation is yet another major surgery that is used to add projection to and increase the size of your breasts. If you are aged above 20 years and your breasts are smaller or flatter and the condition is resulting in lower self-esteem, it is your ideal age to undergo breast augmentation. However, you would be required to meet other prerequisites to qualify for the procedure. Your breasts can be augmented through breast implants or fat transfer to the breasts.

Again, pregnancy has the tendency to affect the results of breast augmentation in negative ways. Ideally, you should undergo breast augmentation when you are done with pregnancy and have no plan to have more children. Seniors can also enhance their aesthetic appearance by undergoing breast augmentation. It would make them appear sexier, younger, and beautiful.

Tummy tuck: Tummy tuck is a major plastic surgery that entails relatively greater risks. The procedure is an effective treatment for a saggy abdomen. The abdomen mostly becomes saggy as a result of multiple pregnancies, weight changes, gravity, and aging. These factors come into play mostly after 30 years of age, and as such the ideal age to undergo the tummy tuck is after 30 years of age. The minimum age requirement for the tummy tuck is 18 years.

Pregnancy and weight changes will nullify the results achieved via the tummy tuck; therefore, patients should be sure to maintain a stable weight and avoid getting pregnant after the procedure. If you plan to have more children, you should postpone your plan to undergo the tummy tuck.

Liposuction: Liposuction is the most popular and common plastic surgery procedure performed in the US. The surgery involves the removal of the stubborn fat pockets from different areas of the body with the goal to contour your body. The minimum age to undergo the intervention is 18 years; however, the ideal age to achieve better results with liposuction is after 22 years of age.

If you are aged 18 or more and have stubborn fat pockets in localized areas of the body like the abdomen, sides, flanks, and thighs, you may consider liposuction. However, you should go under the knife only if the aesthetic flaws in your body are affecting your self-esteem. Again, pregnancy will determine the reoccurrence of the development of stubborn fat pockets in your body. Ideally, you should undergo the operation if you have no more plans to get pregnant.


It is important for patients to understand that there is an ideal age to undergo each plastic surgery procedure; however, that doesn’t mean that if you cross that age, you would no longer qualify for the procedure. The fact is that when you undergo a certain procedure when you really need it, you will achieve better aesthetic results and be satisfied with the outcomes. However, that doesn’t mean going under the knife in your old age will not deliver good results. The results would still be satisfactory, but you should keep your expectations realistic and reasonable in terms of your age.


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