Illegal and dangerous breast enhancement practices

Illegal and dangerous breast enhancement practices

22nd Feb 2018

Many women experience self-esteem issues as a result of aesthetic flaws in the breasts. The modern yardstick of physical beauty takes the size and shape of the breasts into account. There is no doubt that the breasts signify the femininity and physical beauty of women. Unfortunately, many women get smaller or poorly shaped breasts. As such, they experience lower self-esteem.

To fix the aesthetic flaws in their breasts, many patients undergo different interventions. Even though there are safer options for breast enhancement, many patients still undergo illegal and dangerous breast enhancement procedures. The main reason why people undergo these practices is the higher cost of safer interventions. The illegal and dangerous breast enhancement practices are cheap, but in the long run, they can even cost you your life.

Silicone injections

The use of silicone injections for breast enhancement is one of the most dangerous practices. It is not approved by the FDA and entails many risks and complications. Many people fail to differentiate between silicone implants and silicone injections. There exists a huge difference between silicone injections and silicone implants. Silicone implants are made of a silicone shell that comes pre-filled with silicone gel. On the other hand, the silicon injection is made of liquid, industrial grade silicone that is dangerous for breast enhancement.

Many women consider undergoing the silicone injection procedure when they see the breasts of other women who have gotten the injection. Keep in mind that when the liquid silicone is injected, your breasts will look aesthetically appealing immediately after the surgery. However, as time passes, your health will become worse. You will soon notice the aesthetic complications in your breasts as well, in addition to the side effects.

The side effects include burning sensation and discomfort in the body, especially the breast and chest. The liquid silicone will travel to different parts and organs of your body, creating multiple health issues. Keep in mind that illegal and unlicensed practitioners who have no idea of plastic surgery and the associated risks inject silicone liquid. They are simply after your hard-earned money and don’t care for your health. The procedure is often performed in hotel rooms or private apartments, instead of accredited surgical facilities.

Hydrogel injections

You can come across many illegal and unlicensed practitioners who will recommend you to get the hydrogel injection to enhance your breasts. The fact is that hydrogel injections carry severe risks and can be life-threatening.

Many reports suggest that patients who have gotten hydrogel injections either die or become permanently disabled. Keep in mind that hydrogel injections are developed from chemicals used for manufacturing purposes in different industries. The FDA has termed them dangerous for health and has banned them for use in breast enhancement.

The reason why many patients get the hydrogel injection is that the injection is cheaper than safer plastic surgery options like breast augmentation. Also, some patients get the injection because they are not painful and the procedure does not involve scarring and downtime.

When we take a look at the long-term dangers of hydrogel injections, they are severe. The hydrogel injection is made of a combo of water and polyacrylamide, which can travel to different parts and organs of your body. The chemical can damage your kidneys, create respiratory problems and lead to stroke, infection, and swelling of your body.

Hydrogel injection is also linked with the development of uneven protuberances under the skin, which can trigger bleeding and scarring. The risks also include the development of depressions and irregularity in the breasts. If problems like pain in the chest and pulmonary problems develop, you can be exposed to life-threatening situations. Some people inject a chemical called neurotoxin acrylamide in the form of hydrogel injections into the breasts. It can cause death and permanent disability because it is a position that causes a slow death.

Always keep in mind that if someone is offering to enhance your breasts for cheap by using hydrogel injections, never give in to their demand and expose yourself to all the risks and life-threatening conditions. Be certain to avoid any procedure that is considerably lower priced.

Mineral oil injection

Many people who operate on the black market also use mineral oil for enhancing the breasts. They promise to enhance your breasts at lower cost and no pain and discomforts and incisions. These illegal practitioners use a mix of mineral oils in the form of injections. Many patients are not aware of the mineral oils being used and the associated risks and complications.

The reality is that the use of mineral oil injection for breast enhancement is illegal. The FDA has not only warned people against the use of mineral oil injections but also banned its use and termed it illegal. Mineral oils are associated with many side effects and risks.

When you take a look at news reports from the past several years, there have been many incidents where the patients got mineral oil injections and died or became permanently disabled. Furthermore, mineral oils do not deliver any aesthetic improvements to your breasts. Your breasts would soon get affected by the side effects and appear worse.

PMMA injections

Polymethyl-methacrylate, more popularly known as PMMA, is also widely used for breast enhancement. The PMMA is made of 80% collagen that is mixed 20% PMMA microspheres. The injection is priced extremely high. The average price is $1,000 for one injection. The FDA has approved the use of PMMA injection only for facial rejuvenation, but it has not approved it for breast enhancement.

However, still many people are using PMMA injections for breast enhancement. Keep in mind that while the chemical can help remove the wrinkles and lines from your face, it will not enhance your breasts. If you still want to use it, it will come at a huge cost for breast enhancement. You need many syringes of the chemical to achieve barely visible enhancement. The results are not significant.

Time and again women have been warned against the use of PMMA injections for breast enhancement. Regardless of the warnings, it hurts to watch many women going out of the country to get PMMA injections. Many studies also indicate that PMMA injections are extremely dangerous for your health. It has an extremely low viscosity, which means it can travel to different areas of your body and cause complications. It is only safe to use it for facial enhancement and nothing else.

Safer breast enhancement procedures

Safe breast enhancement interventions include implant surgery and fat transfer. Breast implant surgery involves the insertion and placement of prosthetic implants to deliver the desired results.

Breast implant surgery is performed under general anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. The FDA approves it, but there are still risks involved in the procedure. You should undergo surgery only when the risks are lower than the benefits for you. The implants are placed into the breasts through incisions.

After placing the incision, the doctor will insert the implant into the breasts either under or above the breast muscles. The incisions are then sutured and closed. As a result, the breasts become bigger and shapelier.

On the other hand, if you want make your breasts shapelier and projected, you can undergo the fat transfer surgery. The FDA-approved procedure is performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation and is relatively safer than breast implant surgery. To qualify for the procedure, you should have excess fat in your body that can be used as donor fat to enhance your breasts.

The surgeon will remove the excess fat from your body through liposuction. The common fat donor sites include the abdomen, sides, flanks, and upper back. The fat removed via liposuction from these areas is treated in a centrifuge for purification.

After purifying the fat, the doctor will inject the fat carefully into the breasts. As a result of the surgery, your breasts will become shapelier and projected.


Many women with smaller or poorly shaped breasts often undergo illegal and dangerous breast enhancement procedures. The common practices that are not approved by the FDA and are illegal include silicone injection, hydrogel injection, and mineral oil injection. Many women are also getting PMMA injections. These practices, though cheaper, not only fail to deliver the desired aesthetic improvements but also expose you to life-threatening risks. The only safe options for breast enhancement are implants and fat transfer.

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