I’m a little nervous before my breast reduction surgery

I’m a little nervous before my breast reduction surgery

15th Dec 2019


While plastic surgery is certainly more in demand and popular than ever before, it is still surgery we are talking about nevertheless. Some patients come to the pre-operative consultation and mention they really want to undergo the procedure, but they are a little nervous about it. Before anything else, you should know that a certain level of anxiety is normal to occur before any type of surgery. Also, there is a very fine line between excitement and anxiety, so this is another thing to keep in mind.

If you are a little nervous before undergoing surgery, rest assured it is completely normal. This is a complex procedure that has long-term consequences that the patient will deal with. Among the consequences that are more significant are difficulties or the impossibility to breastfeed and the scars that are left behind after the procedure. The scars are permanent and will remain on the breasts, even if their appearance will considerably improve with the passing of time.

Patients interested in undergoing breast reduction should know all the ins and outs to feel a little less nervous before the surgery. Moreover, it is important always to remember your reasons for undergoing surgery in the first place. 

Many patients decide it is time to undergo breast reduction surgery when the quality of their day to day life is negatively impacted by the overly large volume of the breasts. While huge breasts are a dream for most women, some women consider them a real nightmare. The reasons for undergoing plastic surgery to reduce the size of the breasts are:

–    Difficulties in finding suitable clothing and lingerie 

–    Breasts sagging low on the chest wall, looking unappealing despite their large volume

–    Breasts putting tremendous pressure on the spine, causing persistent neck, shoulder and back pain and also an abnormal posture of the body

–    Dermatological conditions on the inframammary fold due to the constant perspiration and e lack of oxygenation in the area

–    Young women confronted with bullying and an oversexualization 

–    Suffering from emotional trauma

Thinking of your reasons to undergo breast reduction surgery should help make you feel less nervous before the procedure. Moreover, you should also revisit your reasons for choosing the plastic surgeon you have selected to play out your procedure. His experience, talent, and board-certification should be another reinforcement that there is not much to fear when undergoing the procedure. 

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