Implants or fat transfer: which one would best suit my buttocks?

Implants or fat transfer: which one would best suit my buttocks?

17th Feb 2018

Thinking about getting a bigger, rounder butt with the help of plastic surgery? Chances are you have already researched the options available, and you are wondering whether implant surgery or fat transfer would suit you better.

Both procedures are commonly performed nowadays with high success rate, so for a patient who didn’t get to have a consultation with the plastic surgeon, it might be difficult to decide what procedure is the most suitable.

Generally speaking, butt implant surgery is the only option available if the patient has no excess adipose tissue in other areas of the body. This means that if the patient is thin and has no localized pockets of fat in other areas of the body, fat transfer can’t be performed and implants are advised.

Butt implant surgery is also a good choice for men interested in increasing the size of their buttocks and women who want to achieve a certain volume of the buttocks. Patients who find it more difficult to avoid weight fluctuations or women who plan on getting pregnant after the procedure might be recommended to undergo implant surgery as the results are less affected by ulterior weight fluctuations. When it comes to fat transfer, the results of the procedure will be impacted if the patient loses or gains weight as the fat will behave like other cells in the body.

If the patient is overly concerned with achieving a natural result, the plastic surgeon will recommend fat transfer or even a combination of the two procedures in a vast majority of cases. Fat transfer is also the ideal solution for patients who want to increase their butt size gradually. When it comes to fat grafting, the patient can have repeated or several sessions of transfer over the years. Make sure to allow at least six months in between interventions to allow your body to recover from the surgical trauma.

Fat transfer is also a good idea if the patient is put off by the idea of having a foreign object inserted to achieve a more impressive projection. By using just fat transfer, we eliminate all the potential risks and complications associated with gluteal implants.

However, it is important to remember that each procedure has its indications and contraindications and the only way to make an informed and correct decision for the type of intervention most suitable for you is after you have discussed things in detail with an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who performs both procedures routinely.

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