Improve your health with breast reduction

Improve your health with breast reduction

21st Dec 2018

Improve Your Health With Breast Reduction



Women with smaller breasts desire to have bigger breasts. There is no doubt that bigger breasts make women look aesthetically appealing, more feminine, fertile, physically beautiful, and sexier. Women with smaller breasts experience lower self-esteem because the modern beauty trend calls for bigger breasts. Celebrities and the media have equally set the bigger breast trend.

However, overly large breasts not only appear aesthetically unwelcoming but also create health problems for the patient. Overly large breasts mean more weight on your chest, which can create physical discomfort for you. This is particularly true when you move around and when you do physical activities. As a result of the health conditions created by overly large breasts, women look for ways to reduce their breasts and relieve themselves of the pain and discomfort.


What are the health conditions of overly large breasts and how can breast reduction help?

The health conditions associated with overly large breasts can be mild, moderate, or severe, depending on how large the breasts are. The common health conditions resulting from overly developed breasts include back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, nerve problems, skin rashes and problems, breathing issues, and emotional issues. A breast reduction can help you overcome these health conditions. Let’s discuss in detail these health issues and how breast reduction can help.


Back pain

Back pain is the primary health condition created by overly large breasts. Overly large breasts come with extra weight that applies pressure on the spine, making the patient angle back marginally to keep up the weight. Back pain is a serious and common health condition experienced by women who have overly large breasts. As a result of the back pain, patients are not able to perform their routine activities, such as household errands, exercises, and movements.

Women with overly large breasts experience back pain when lifting the kids, picking up stuff, doing laundry, and other daily activities. The constant bending and lifting causes more pain in the back. If you have overly large breasts and experience back pain, chances are your breasts are causing the condition. You should consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to know whether the pain is actually caused by your breasts.

Fortunately, there is a plastic surgery procedure available to get rid of large breasts and the associated medical conditions. Breast reduction reduces the size of the breasts, which means the weight of the breasts will be decreased. This will help alleviate the back pain resulting from having overly large breasts.


Nerve problems

As a result of overly large breasts and the extra weight, patients are not able to maintain a normal and proper posture. As a result, the patient can experience nerve problems, which can lead to pain in localized areas of the body. Overly developed breasts can trigger severe nerve issues in many patients. This can lead to a change in or loss of the natural sensation in different areas of the body, such as the hands and arms. The patient can experience this change in or loss of sensation anytime. Breast reduction will reduce the size and weight of the breasts, which will in turn lessen or eliminate the nerve problems associated with the condition.


Skin rashes or problems

Overly large breasts also trigger skin rashes and other skin problems. When the breasts exceed a certain threshold in terms of size, rashes will soon start to develop in the breast folds and crease. Women having very large breasts are required to wear large bras in order to accommodate, support, and hold their breasts. Large bras come with large straps that can lead to the appearance of scratches, rashes, indentations, and other signs on the shoulders. Breast reduction will relieve the patient of the skin problems associated with large breasts. Also, when the size of the breasts is reduced, the patient will wear smaller bras, which will eliminate the problems resulting from the large straps of large bras.


Shoulder pain

Pain in the shoulders is yet another major health condition resulting from having extremely large breasts. The weight of the breasts will exert pressure on the shoulders and stress out the nerves, which can lead to shoulder pain. Also, the shoulder pain is made worse by the weight of the breasts on the bra straps. In case the patient ends up wearing a wrong bra size, it can further heighten the pain in the shoulders. If the condition is not treated, the patient may suffer from permanent indentions in the shoulder that can make the pain worse. Breast reduction can eliminate the pain in the shoulders by decrease the breast size and weight – the primary causes of the discomforts in your shoulder.


Neck pain

Neck pain is also one of the common health conditions associated with having very large breasts. Neck pain happens as a result of the extra weight of the breasts and the gravitational pull on the large breasts. This exerts pressure and pulls the muscles, blood vessels, nerves, and tissues. The patient experiences pain in the neck as a result of these phenomena. The neck pain can even lead to a migraine and headache. Breast reduction reduces the breast size and weight, which alleviates the neck pain.


Breathing issues

Shortness of breasting is also a serious health problem that happens due to extremely large breasts. In this case, overly large breasts exert pressure down the patient’s chest, impairing the patient’s normal breathing capability. Depending on how large the breasts are, the severity of breasting issues can range from mild to moderate and severe. Breast reduction will decrease the breast weight, which is a major cause of breathing shortness, hence treating the condition.


Emotional problems and self-esteem issues

Overly large breasts not only affect the physical health of the patients but also their mental and emotional wellbeing. Realizing that they have overly large breasts that look aesthetically unwelcoming, patients often experience emotional discomforts and lower self-esteem. The insecurity caused by very large breasts affects the overall quality of life of the patient, keeping her from engaging with life, participating in healthy activities, and avoiding social life. Breast reduction will not only decrease the size of the breasts but also enhance them in aesthetic terms. This will help restore the self-esteem and emotional health of the patient.


What breast reduction involves

Breast reduction is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure starts with the placing of incisions on the breasts. The type, size, and place of incision depend on how large the breasts are, your aesthetic goals, your skin quality, and the surgeon’s preferences. The incision will determine the size, shape, and appearance of the ultimate scars.

In the second step, the plastic surgeon will change the position of the nipple. The nipple will still be attached to its original nerve and blood supply. The surgeon will then decrease the size of the areola by removing the excess skin. The underlying breast tissue will also be decreased and reshaped. If the breasts are extremely large, the nipples and areolas will have to be repositioned at an elevated and youthful position.

In the next step, the plastic surgeon will remove the excess glandular tissue and fat that are the primary causes of the overdevelopment of the breasts. This will reduce the size and weight of the breasts to a greater extent. As a result of the removal of the excess fat and tissue from the breasts, the breast will be left with excess skin. If not removed, this skin can cause the breasts to become saggy. To avoid this condition, the plastic surgeon will remove the excess skin from the breasts.

In the next step, the plastic surgeon will re-drape the remaining skin and then suture and close the incisions. The sutures are placed deep within the breast so the newly contoured breasts get enough support. The breasts are then dressed with surgical tapes and bandages. The incisions are permanent and they will develop into scars in the next few weeks and months. Some of the outcomes will be noticeable and felt immediately after the surgery; however, complete results will appear a few weeks or months after the operation.



Even though many women desire to have bigger breasts, overly large breasts are not desirable. When the breasts become overly large, the patient can experience a number of health problems. The common problems associated with extremely large breasts have been discussed in this article. Breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure to decrease the size of the breasts. The advantages include elimination or decrease in the intensity of the health conditions resulting from very large breasts.


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