Improved life quality after plastic surgery

Improved life quality after plastic surgery

30th May 2017


For many people, the term plastic surgery connotes a desire to enhance one’s physical aspect in the hopes of conforming to the modern-day standard of beauty. When some patients need to have a part of their body enhanced or altered, they usually turn to plastic surgery. Quite a few of them seek surgical procedures for the sole purpose of improving their looks while others want to mark the beginning of a healthier lifestyle by getting rid of unwanted fat and skin tissue. Different individuals have different motivations for undergoing plastic surgery but the general outcome seems to be the same – emotional fulfillment.

The purpose of a cosmetic or reconstructive procedure is not simply to alter and improve the physical appearance of the patient but also to provide comfort and a semblance of happiness to the patient. It also aims to enrich the patient’s quality of life through the psychological and emotional benefits that they can get through the surgery.

Patients start to lead more fulfilling lives because plastic surgery was able to help them develop their self-esteem, have healthier bodies, ease pain and reduce the chances of developing diseases in the case of formerly obese patients. These benefits are enjoyed by most of those who go through a plastic surgery procedure.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery interventions are even better today because of various technological advancements and recent medical breakthroughs. New techniques are being developed so that undergoing surgery will be much safer for patients. Plastic surgery can be performed on the face or on the body and certain procedures can now be performed on an outpatient basis and with shorter recovery periods. All of these features have contributed to the rising popularity of these surgical techniques.

An individual’s physical appearance is something that is appreciated and admired. This is why sometimes people can only see the physical advantages of the surgery. The truth is, the surgical procedures can also have positive effects on the patient’s emotional and psychological well-being. People from all walks of life experience the benefits of plastic surgery and the effects of the surgical procedures distinctly impact various aspects of their lives.

When going for plastic surgery, it is important that you carefully select a certified and experienced surgeon to make sure that the risks are significantly lessened, and a better result is achieved.

Purpose Of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery interventions are not limited to improving the aesthetic appearance of the body. It also helps each person more appreciative of their appearance. A cosmetic procedure can’t make you look perfect because it still depends on what each patient already has. Although there is a limit to the alteration, it is still geared towards the enhancement of the patient’s current appearance to the extent that the patient becomes comfortable with himself or herself.

Patients can also expect that plastic surgeries can help them feel better and do things better. There are plastic surgeries that can be performed to correct inherent flaws that may hinder patients from becoming productive and achieving their goals in life.

Improved Quality Of Life

Researches have shown that there is a positive effect on the quality of life of the patients when their cosmetic surgery produces satisfactory results. When their appearance is altered to their liking, they begin to feel good about themselves. It makes them feel happier and consequently, they gain confidence and self-esteem. They become more comfortable when socializing with other people because they are no longer self-conscious. This helps them show what they can really do without having to worry about how they look while doing them. This makes it possible for them to bring out their skills and show off their talents after their plastic surgery.

The satisfaction that they get from the improvement of their physical appearance creates a ripple effect. It gives them self-esteem and gives them a sense of wholeness. Their confidence plays a significant part in being able to socialize well and even enter into romantic relationships. It can even help them improve their employment status.

After the surgery, patients can expect to fit better in their old clothes and even drop clothing sizes. For many, this signifies a tremendous achievement because it is easier to find clothes that fit or an outfit to wear. There is no longer any need to hide behind unflattering clothes and they can finally wear what they want to wear. This is only one observable result of plastic surgery and one should never overlook its deep and imperceptible impact on the patient’s psyche.

Life Aspects Improved Through Surgery

Various aspects of the patient’s life can be positively affected by the surgery in unique ways. This comprehensive development is what makes the individual’s quality of life better. Among the different improvements that can be observed are the following:

  • Self Esteem: Many people are very conscious about how they look. Although most people already know that celebrities look their best on the television or on magazines with the aid of technology, many people still aim to emulate them. This intense pressure to look just as great can be very stressful for many people. By improving their appearance through the use of plastic surgery, patients can regain their self-esteem which in turn helps them feel much better about themselves. Through their newfound self-assurance, they can become more successful in their endeavors.
  • Healthier Body: There are many patients who willingly go through a drastic change in their lifestyle to lose weight in preparation for their surgery. Surgeries are not considered as a weight loss solution and as such, they can only help make the effects of the patients’ hard work become more noticeable. With the amazing results of the surgery, the patients become more inspired to stick to their healthier lifestyle in order to be able to maintain their new figure.
  • Physiological Pain Is Remedied: There are some patients who choose to go through a plastic surgery procedure not because they want to improve their appearance, but because they want to get rid of the pain that they are feel on their shoulder, neck, back and other parts of the body. This is especially true in the case of women with large breasts. When a corrective surgery is conducted to reduce their size, the weight is lessened and the pressure on the neck, back or shoulder is alleviated. This also results eases the pain over the affected areas. The patient feels more relaxed and more able to do the activities that they couldn’t seem to do before due to the pain that they used to feel.
  • Reduce Chance Of Diseases: Through the plastic surgery techniques that remove excess fat in the body, many of the diseases can be avoided. Of course, they can only be successfully prevented if patients elect to live a healthier lifestyle. Most of those who went through surgery do live a healthier lifestyle because they want to make sure that their body is in great shape and they would like to maintain their new physique. The risk of developing diabetes and other cardiovascular conditions can also be effectively reduced.


Plastic surgeries are performed by surgeons to improve the outline of the body and to correct any perceived imperfections. Although many of those who go for a specific plastic surgery technique primarily aim to enhance their appearance, several people decide to undergo cosmetic procedures to help them meet their emotional needs. The modification in physical appearance is the first noticeable change in all patients but changes in the emotional and psychological aspects quickly follow.

One purpose of the plastic surgery is to alter the body into a form that is more aesthetically pleasing. It also aims to make sure that the patients become more comfortable in their skin. This sense of security can come from the feeling that they get when they see their new bodies and the feeling of being able to move and do things differently.

Through the different surgical procedures, a holistic improvement in one’s quality of life can be observed. The effects start with the enhancement of the patients’ physical appearance, which consequently boosts self-esteem until it reaches a point where the patients feel happy about their self-image. With this newfound confidence, better social skills, and increased work productivity soon follow.

Plastic surgery procedures provide many wonderful results not only in the physical aspect but also in the development of an individual’s self-esteem, a healthier body, a reduced risk of disease and pain relief. Lastly and most importantly, the emotional fulfillment that the patients derive from these results significantly improves their quality of life.


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