Improvements in different aspects of your life after buttock implant surgery

Improvements in different aspects of your life after buttock implant surgery

21st Aug 2019


Buttock implant surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the US. If your buttocks are smaller and the condition is affecting your quality of life, you may consider undergoing butt implant surgery. The procedure can effectively enhance your buttocks and overall body outline. It involves putting artificial implants inside your buttocks.

Even though the surgery is invasive and traumatic, it can restore your femininity, improve your personal, social, and professional life, and boost your self-esteem. Women are extremely sensitive when it comes to the size and shape of their buttocks. Aesthetic flaws in the buttocks often cause self-esteem issues for women. Smaller and flatter buttocks make you look less feminine, whereas bigger and sensuous buttocks make you appear more feminine and fertile.

Femininity and physical beauty

Butt implant surgery comes with many benefits, and the primary advantage is that it can enhance your femininity and make you look physically more beautiful. There is no doubt that the buttocks play a vital role in defining your feminine features. As such, women with smaller buttocks experience lower self-esteem. To appear beautiful and more feminine and fertile, you need to have bigger and more prominent buttocks. Moreover, your buttocks can affect your body outline. If you have smaller buttocks that do not accentuate your body outline and associated feminine features, you will not look physically beautiful and attractive.

During butt implant surgery which is performed under general anesthesia, the plastic surgeon will place implants inside the buttocks. The implants are highly cohesive and deliver practical outcomes. To put the implants inside the buttocks, the plastic surgeon will make incisions. The implants are available in different sizes, and the size of the incisions and resulting scars depend on the size of the implants.

After making the incisions, the plastic surgeon will carefully place the pre-selected implants inside the buttocks. The implants can be placed in the pockets under, within, or over the gluteal muscle. Once the implants are in the pockets, the surgeon will suture and close the incisions after making sure the buttocks have adequately been contoured and look aesthetically pleasing. 

The results will transpire after many weeks and even months. When the implants drop and settle into their position and the swelling subsides, you will notice improvements. You will see that your buttocks now look bigger and shapelier, which will in turn emphasize your feminine features and make you look fertile. Keep in mind that many studies have already established that men consider women with bigger buttocks to be more feminine, beautiful, and fertile. As such, they prefer to mate with such women. Also, the improvements in your buttocks after the surgery will improve your overall body outline and create a balance between your physical features. 

Personal life

Buttock implant surgery is known to introduce improvements in different aspects of your life and improve your quality of life on the whole. Many women experience issues in their personal life because of the smaller size and poor shape of their buttocks. Smaller buttocks are associated with less femininity and fertility. Also, the condition can affect your overall body features, making you look aesthetically unwelcoming. 

The modern standards of physical beauty and femininity require women to have prominent, fuller, and beautiful buttocks. If you have smaller and flatter buttocks, you may experience lower self-esteem, which can in turn affect your personal and intimate life. Your personal life plays an integral part in your overall quality of life.

Many women with smaller buttocks are not satisfied with their sexual life, and even their partners are affected. They are unable to enjoy this aspect of their life and remain unsatisfied and unfulfilled. In most cases, this condition is self-induced on the part of the patient. The primary cause for it is that the patient has lower self-esteem. To remain happy in your personal life, you need to have higher self-esteem. 

After buttock implant surgery, the prominence and fullness of your buttocks will improve your personal life as you will feel satisfied and happy with your body image. Your body image and self-esteem are the most critical factors in your personal life. Buttock implant surgery directly improves these aspects, which in turn improves your personal life.

Social life

When it comes to one’s social life, it is the way you engage and mingle with other people in your social circle. We spend our lives in a society that is made of different people and different standards. Your physical appearance is one of the most common aspects that society judges. To stay active and vibrant in society, women are particularly required to meet the standards set by the people in the community. 

The modern beauty standard requires women to appear physically attractive and more feminine. Since the buttocks play an essential role in defining your femininity and physical beauty, women are incredibly conscious of this area of the body. Aesthetic flaws or shortcomings in the buttocks, as such, affect the self-esteem of women. As a result, women with smaller and flatter buttocks often experience problems in their social life. 

Due to the lower self-esteem issue induced by smaller buttocks, women often avoid social gatherings and feel less confident when they mingle with other people. They usually avoid going out in places like the beach because people judge them by the appearance of their body, especially the buttocks.

The good news is that if you are experiencing this problem, buttock implant surgery will make your buttocks bigger and shapelier, which will in turn improve your social life. The procedure can add the desired amount of projection and volume to your backside, which will then make you look more feminine, fertile, beautiful, and sexy. When your feminine features are underscored, you will feel happy in your social life. After the procedure, you can go out to social gatherings and even go naked on the beach with confidence. 

Professional life

Another important aspect of your quality of life is your professional life. Your professional life means your work life; how productive you are at work, how you socialize at work, and your professional achievements. Many studies have concluded that the body image of women plays a critical part in their success at work. It has also been found that women who are physically beautiful, feminine, and attractive are more successful and productive at work. They perform better than women who are less feminine.

The buttocks are among the primary factors that define your femininity. Bigger buttocks not only make you look more feminine but also beautiful and attractive. On the other hand, smaller buttocks make you look less feminine and hence less beautiful. Women with bigger buttocks are professionally more successful than women with smaller or flatter buttocks. This is directly linked with your self-esteem. 

When you are happy with your body image, you will be more confident at work. An increased level of confidence means you can perform well at work and be more productive. As a result, you will be more successful and climb the corporate leader quickly and effectively. If the smaller size of your butt is affecting your self-esteem in negative ways and reducing your productivity at work, you should consider getting butt implants.

The plastic surgeon will insert the implants inside your buttocks and make sure your backside is appearing beautiful and voluminous. As a result, your butt size will increase, which will improve your femininity, self-esteem, and body outline. You will feel good about your physical appearance. As a result, you will get a boost in your professional life. After the surgery, you can expect to see improvements in your productivity, performance, and success at work.

However, in any case, you should not expect to experience the above-discussed improvements right after the procedure. It takes time for the results to transpire and the indirect benefits to emerge. The procedure is highly invasive, traumatic, and involves risks. You should discuss the benefits with the doctor during the pre-operative consultation and undergo surgery only when the benefits are higher than the risks for you. It is not wise to go under the knife just for the sake of your aesthetic appearance when the risks are higher for you. 


Buttock implant surgery is one of the commonly performed plastic surgery operations worldwide. Women with smaller buttocks opt to get the surgery when they experience problems resulting from their body image. The buttocks play an essential part in defining your body image. Aesthetic flaws and shortcomings in the buttocks can affect different aspects of your life, including your personal, professional, and social life. The good news is that butt implant surgery can effectively enhance your buttocks and hence these aspects of your life.

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